Swimming Tips in 2019 – Some Dos and Don’ts for the Mommies

Talk about an ideal exercise that not only burns your ‘mommy chubs’ but also relaxes your mind. Well, swimming comes up first.

As the day ends, when you are strained and stressed running around with kids, taking a few dips in a refreshingly cool, blue pool and letting your body afloat is the perfect stress-buster you yearn for. Or, kicking off your day with mild swimming can keep you energized to stay on toes all day long.

No wonder, new-age mamas like to incorporate a swimming culture in their daily lives. You must give your daily dose of workout the right kicks and knocks to get the most out of it.

While swimming is in vogue for all you mommies, the number of mothers and mothers-to-be engaging in this stress-busting activity has already surged globally. So has their desire to learn it right.

We have, thus, brought some dos and don’ts a mother-cum-swimmer must follow to acquire the right swimming skills. Take a look!

#1. Starting the session

  • The don’t – Don’t dive in right when you reach the pool

Although every day in a mother’s life goes running around the house looking after kids, she needs to warm up her body when beginning to swim.

This intensive calorie-burning process requires a bit of prepping-up and stretching before you dive right into the water.

  • The do – Do make sure to warm up all your muscles before you jump in.

#2. Learning swimming skills

  • The don’t – Don’t stick to your comfort zone

Swimming skills need mastery. Once you are done with it, sticking to it regularly is easy.

However, it isn’t a good idea to stick to the same set of skills over the years. Looking after kids each day is challenging, and you need a health that supports this exertion with the right set of muscles.

  • The do – Try including a variety of swimming techniques and spread them over the days of your swimming schedule. It will help burn fat from different areas and keep you fit and lean.

#3. Hydrating your body

  • The don’t – Don’t dive in without enough hydration

It is true that swimming doesn’t stress out the body as much as looking after kids all day do. However, it requires efforts of equal intensity, and you cannot afford to get dehydrated after a swimming session.

So, never jump without a sip of water or juice!

  • The do – Drink water both before and after the swimming session. Keep a bottle of water or fruit juice around the pool to rehydrate yourself when feeling fatigued.

Keep a good watch on your body with these dos and don’ts. Well, thank us later. First, make it worthwhile with every session of 2019.

Dive in right all you mommies!