Home Lifestyle A supermom and a birth photographer from USA shares her story….

A supermom and a birth photographer from USA shares her story….


Katie Lacer is a mom of 3 and is not only a SuperMOM but a SuperWoman if you ask me, within moments of you emailing her she shall get back to you and if you ever stumble upon her photos, you shall quickly understand that she is a genius….. we stumbled upon Katie and decided to capture her with the lens of our website forever…..and please read on to know more about this amazing photographer of a woman who is doing some amazing work.


So Katie tell us something about yourself.

I am a mom to 3 beautiful boys and I stay in USA, in Simpsonville Kentucky….Well, people know me as a photographer lady now but I wasn’t always that….it’s actually something that I picked up….

Really??? How did photography come to you?

So…the thing is I am a self-taught photographer, it just began as a hobby to collect maximum memories of my kids and it quickly moved on to people noticing me and then I slowly took the plunge of converting it into a business and this is where we have reached.

So…how can people reach you?

People can reach me via my website…www.mommaktshoots.com  and they can also reach me via my social media and we do get back.

What are the kind of shoots that you offer?

We shoot everything….Birth Stories, Maternity Photoshoots, RAW motherhood, stories of newborns, Family etc….

What is included with the Birth Story?   You will receive digital files with a print release (quantity varies), an online gallery for easy downloading and sharing, and a 6×9 album of your favourite images.

When do moms generally book you?   I take one, sometimes two, birth clients a month.  I suggest contacting me as soon as you’re able to get on my schedule, as it does fill up quickly.

How do you co-ordinate especially for birth shoots?  I go on-call for my clients at 38 weeks, meaning that my bags are packed, my batteries are charged, childcare is arranged and I’m ready to go whenever I get your phone call!  And my phone is on my person 24-7.

Do you photograph cesareans?  YES!  However, this is highly hospital-dependent.  Some area hospitals allow me into the OR without any questions, some refuse to allow a second support person in.  In the case that I am not allowed in, I typically give your partner a crash course in how to use a camera to continue the story and pick right back up when you’re in recovery.  For scheduled cesareans, I come for prep and stay through recovery.

Isn’t it, you know, weird?  What if people don’t want ‘naked’ pictures?  Every birth is different, and every Momma is different.  No images will be shared without your permission, and I will always respect your modesty!  I have zero issues with nudity – all I want is for you to have a wonderful experience.


Do you travel?  I currently offer birth coverage in Louisville, Southern Indiana, Frankfort and Lexington (and surrounding areas).   I currently offer birth coverage in Louisville, Southern Indiana, Frankfort and Lexington (and surrounding areas).


What if you miss the birth?  This is a partnership.  I rely on you to tell me when you’re in labour.  I rely on good communication throughout the early stages of your birth.  If I miss your birth due to tragedy, precipitous birth, catastrophe or anything of the sort, your money is refunded.


Do you have a back-up?  Yes! Yes!


I hope you have loved this interview with one of our favourite photographers, I think her lens and camera is magical and so is she. We wish Katie all the very best in all her future endeavours and ask her to always…..


Keep on Rocking!


SuperMOM Mitali