Soul for my Little Soul

We are in an age where multitasking much more than before. From handling their career to household and kids, they are doing it all. Thankfully the society too is getting equally progressive and hence we can see a lot of men encouraging their wives to chase their dreams and compromise on nothing. For the progressive parents like me and many others I came across a product which according to me will not only help you focus on your regular routine of household and career but also keep their baby close.

Yes I am talking about the baby carrier. It’s not any new fancy concept. Women have been doing this since ages like tying the baby on the back, or close to the chest with a long cloth. Now, we have saviours like Soul.

What do these carriers do?

  • It’s convenient for parents to handle their child as well as their work
  • Helps in breast feeding
  • It regulates the baby’s physiological functions
  • They cry less

I recently gave birth to my second child. Like many other moms, I am juggling between household and my own brand’s work and trust me, the only way I have been able to manage it all is because of this baby carrier. I remember there was one day when Naina was very restless and couldn’t stop crying, I just thought of using the Ring Sling which I got from Soul and guess what she was asleep in minutes…

So here is my take on this product:

  • One may think that baby carriers are suffocating but this one as I said earlier is different. People call it a cloth but it is known as a Ring Sling. It’s lightweight, breathable and 100% woven Cotten fabric is used to ensure that the baby is comfortable.
  • These slings are perfect for any weather. Given that in most parts of India we experience a tropical climate, this is one product all parents will swear by.
  • They are highly adjustable. So regardless of how petite or plus size your kid is, this will always be the perfect fit
  • Their generous length and simple gathered shoulder ensure that one size fits all. In fact, one sling can be used to wear your baby from birth onwards to 15 kg or so! Simple to use, compact enough to fit in your handbag and easy to maintain, Soul slings are made from 100% natural fibers. It has been designed to carry your baby in a natural position. 
  • They have more varieties in print and fabric

Since the time I have started using this, I feel that my bond with the baby has only become stronger thanks to the skin-to-skin contact. I go down for walks alone with her, I go to pick up Renny from school along with Naina on the sling. And guess what, thanks to the Soul… Naina has been with me for meetings too and am already making a travel plan…just waiting for her to touch 5 months. If being close to my little one gives me so much joy, this is surely going a long way.

Do you use baby carriers too? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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