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Sleep Resolutions for the year 2018


Sleep Resolutions for the year 2018

Being a new mom of a baby under 2 years or even being a pregnant mommy comes with its own challenges and the most important challenge that we all have to overcome is ‘SLEEP’ or mostly the lack of it. So we decided to use the arrival of the new year to ease all you moms into a good nights sleep by coming up with these sleep resolutions.

I shall only eat the bedtime snacks which will help me sleep better

Be it a Pregnant mommy or a Mommy to a newborn, Having an oily snack before sleep is only going to give you a hard time shutting your eyes down so let’s resolve to only eat foods that have naturally occurring substances which bring on sleep like Milk with a pinch of turmeric, Almonds, Rice, Chamomile Tea or Honey.

I shall not forget to pamper myself

As soon as the second line occurs on the pee stick everything centres around the baby, the planning, the nursery, adjusting the space etc and after the baby is born…..the baby becomes the centre of the universe. Amongst all these things, what we mommies forget is to take care of ourselves. Indulge in something as simple as a perfume and spray it in moderation while you take the kiddo out for a walk and watch the difference. While putting your kid to sleep invest in a mild diffuser with a chamomile extract will clam your and your kids’ senses and ease in sleeping. (Just check if the diffuser is good for kids)

I will start and maintain my workout schedule.

Making fitness resolutions on the 1st day of the month seems like a great idea but sticking to the same is the most difficult thing about it all. If you are getting ready to start your pregnancy exercises or getting into a postpartum session, the easiest way to keep yourself motivated is by clicking ample of photos and videos.

I shall maintain a baby sleep diary

As every individual is different so is every baby. So keeping a diary even for your second or third baby is a great idea and an ideal recommendation for your first kiddo. Keep a diary handy or just secure an app on your phone and write down the nap timings of your baby. Perhaps after a week, you will see a pattern emerging. Study the pattern and see what really disturbs his nighttime sleep…is it too much of sleep in the or lack of play especially in the evenings. As a mom, you will know what is the right thing to do.

I shall start a routine with my baby

They say that ‘Man is a creature of habit’ and we shall extend this even to the baby. Forming a routine with a baby is extremely important for the mom and the family. This way you shall get your day sorted and the night time routine for your baby will slowly fall into place leaving ample time for you to even start thinking about resuming work or spend some quality time with your husband.

I will experiment with noise

By the time your baby is just 15 weeks old in the womb, he/she can hear all kinds of sounds but just the thing is that the sounds appear muffled by the surrounding amniotic fluid. Thus it is important that we replicate these sounds once the baby is out of the womb. Thus we see many moms switching on the hair dryer or the vacuum cleaner in the movies and the baby falls asleep like some magic. It is also said that some amount of noise is important for the baby to sleep. Hence no pin drop silences if the baby is sleeping, I would also recommend watching TV or listening to songs while the baby sleeps so that he/she gets used to sounds even while sleeping in the future.

I hope these sleep resolutions will help you in having a good nights sleep.

Keep on making resolutions supermommies

& Wish you a very happy 2018

SuperMOM Mitali