Skincare rules during Pregnancy

Hello, would be mommas! Your household must be buzzing with excitement now that someone special is on his or her way?!

Well, as it happens in every Indian household, you’ll be pampered 24/7 along with many people giving you countless opinions. By now, your head must be swarming with confusion – what to eat, wear or use or how to walk, etc.

So, sit tight and read these unsaid simple care rules you mustn’t break during pregnancy!

#Rule 1- Stay away from the Sun!

While you’re carrying, chances of getting heated up are common. Moreover, sensitivity to sun is a common side effect during the gestation period. So, avoid it. And if you have to go out, I would suggest, always carry a sunscreen preferably containing zinc oxide.

#Rule 2- Use body oil regularly

You can’t escape from stretch marks, especially if they are hereditary. However, you can reduce the intensity and minimize the fierceness of these marks by using body oil. Use either olive oil, baby oil and for best results, almond oil depending on your skin type.

Apply regularly and massage in slow circular motions to reduce the chances of stretch marks.

Note: Avoid using body oils with too much of chemical content and go organic.

#Rule 3- Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated

The golden skin care rule of pregnancy states, you need to drink lots of water. Your body has a unique way of making sure your little master or mistress growing inside is getting the required nutrients and water.

So, you’re likely to dehydrate quickly, feeling dry and worn out. Therefore, keep the water intakes going.

Tip: If you’re feeling nauseated and can’t seem to drink or eat much, try consuming lemon water with a little sugar and a pinch of salt. This will not only energize you but also relieve you of nausea.

#Rule 4- Avoid over exfoliating

Pregnancy doesn’t just get your moods sensitive; your skin is equally irritated too! So, while it’s necessary to scrub and be clean, don’t over exfoliate. Your skin is much likely to build a rash and break during the gestation period.

So, gently use a moisturizer or a scrubber on a cotton ball and clean your face. Wash off with light organic face wash.

While these are the rules all mommies-to-be should follow, there are a few other things to avoid during your trimesters:

Keep away from-

  1. Acne Pills. Breaking out in acne is normal during pregnancy, however, if you’re thinking of consuming oral acne pills, I would advise against it. According to research, these pills contain chemicals which can react adversely with your sensitive hormones.
  2. Cosmetics with alcohol content. Rather choose water-based makeup and toners.
  3. Skip your wax appointments because as mentioned, pregnancy leads to the more sensitive skin. You can get a rash or even break your thin skin as a result of applying hot wax.

So, these skin care routines don’t seem so hard, do they? What’s more, they aren’t even time-consuming. Hence, follow the above to maintain healthy skin throughout the gestation period.