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Show ‘em Your LOVE! 6 Ideas on Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Kids


Show ‘em Your LOVE! 6 Ideas on Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Kids


“For you are my Valentine darling kiddo!”

Your little munchkin is special because the day you became a parent, you knew the journey would only get better and better. That is why your baby needs all the attention of the world on this Valentine’s Day!

This is the day you celebrate LOVE and who better than your cute little sweetheart? You are a happy mamma now, so prepare a unique treat for your kiddo this 14th Feb 2019.

Here are 6 unique ways in which you can shower your kid with love:

  1. Favourite meal

Your kid must have a signature dish that he absolutely cannot get enough of. Occasions like Valentine’s Day offer you a chance to create his special meal. Also, fashion some other dishes that he will surely love. Try baking heart-shaped or animal shaped cookies. You can also prepare berry infused smoothies which are quite festive. If you pack his tuck box with his favourite dish, then you are going to get a grand hug at the end of the day for sure!

  1. Decorate your house

If you want the mommy-kid bonding thing, then doing the decorations together is another great idea. You can make heart shaped paper chains running across your drawing room with your pictures hanging in between. You can also create a short video showing him from the day he was born to what he is now! A lot of bright shaded periwinkle blue balloons or shimmering silver ones shall light up your place.

  1. Tea party

Invite all your kid’s friends in the neighborhood and host a grand tea party in your backyard. Streamers, balloons and quirky mini lights will look great there. Prepare sandwiches and their favourite shakes and arrange for fun games! Their laughter is sure to brighten up your day for good.

  1. Snuggle in for a movie

A movie date will be the perfect gift to your kid. Snuggle in your bed and show him his favourite movie or something that he has wanted to see for a long time. Added to this, prepare a cup of hot chocolate and share a blissful time with your kid.

  1. Photo time!

How about a photo shoot? Many parents go for professional photo shoots on special days like these. If you are not up for an expert, then do the photo-shoot yourself! Take lots and lots of pictures capturing your kid at his candid best and then create a collage to put it up on his bedside table.

  1. Show them your appreciation

Tell your kiddo how much you love him. Showing them your admiration will bring you two much closer. Go for funny sticky notes containing sayings like –

“You give your mommy the best kiss in the world.”

“You never shall give up”,

“My brave little angel” and many more.

Showing your emotions can help him understand how much he means to you. Love is to be shared, shown and valued.

Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers or romantic partners but for every bond in the world that has some emotional attachment. This 2019, make sure you have a great date with your child for they bring the world’s greatest joy to you!