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Shopping for Kids shoes in India- You just need 5 Pairs!


I have always followed my grandfather’s path of only having 2 pairs of shoes (I Might have a tad bit more) but my husband has over 100 Pairs but what about my daughter? She outgrows any kind of a shoe so fast that it is impossible to keep on buying her a new pair every month, and what do we do about the shoes that do not fit anymore? That is a separate tale in itself. So I thought about writing this article on how an intelligent mother might buy comfortable and great footwear for your kid. Just buying these 5 varieties of shoes every year will make you prepared for every ocassion. Just make sure you are not spending tons of moolah on them because your kid is going to outgrow them in just a matter of time. 

The White Shoe-This universal white shoe should be stocked for every occasion, right from a school function to a formal event. This shoe will suit both the girl and the boy alike.

The Versatile Shoe- Again a universal shoe is must for every occasion, be it a school party or a formal occasion, they will end up looking good every time.

The Slip on – Slip Ons are my new favourite as they can be worn quickly no matter what is the temper tantrum your kid is throwing.

Floaters- These are the shoes which can be universally worn by both boys and girls for any small occasion, like a walk in the garden or playtime.


The Boy special- You out to have these shoes if you have a boy because they will look good on every occasion and every casual outfit.

The Girl Special- These shoes are perfect for every occasion for your girl, be it a skirt or a frock or a pant these will accentuate her look every-time.


Gumboots are the newest fashion accessory your kid ought to have on a rainy day, easy to wear and clean they are the perfect way to ensure your kid enjoys the rain.

Gumboots come in incredible designs even for the mommy who thinks there is nothing in the market for her little gentleman!

I Hope you enjoyed the shoes special and if you read carefully Be it a boy or a girl, the three universal shoes plus a pair of rainy shoes and 1 Boy/Girl special will do the trick!

Till then…

Keep on being a sensible mommy


SuperMOM Mitali