Does shaving everyday damage a woman’s skin? No way…

Shaving is considered to be the oldest and most inexpensive ways to get rid of all the extra hair on the body and why did we switch to waxing is almost unknown. I still remember the first time I shaved I was in school and the mention of the razor was enough for my moms and aunties to gimme the scare that I shall become a chimpanzee soon.

Guess what I am still a woman who does not look like a Chimpanzee at all! 
Forms of Shaving

Other forms of shaving like the Hair Removal Creams use a lot of chemicals which tend to burn your hair and thus leads to darkening of the skin and extreme rashes in case of a sensitized skin. I would strongly suggest pregnant and lactating mommies stay away from these creams as far as possible.

Waxing is not a great option either because it’s expensive and it yanks out your hair in a very violent manner. (yes…going to a salon is expensive these days) Also, If you are expecting, the sudden jerks and the pain during waxing is really unnecessary and lactating moms would not have the time for a lengthy salon visit..Right?

This leaves us with the easiest, affordable and less time consuming, at home remedy for getting rid of all the extra hair that is Shaving.

Shaving Legs and Thighs

Shaving legs and thighs are really easy and would get comfortable as you master the art of shaving. I shall recommend that you use a good quality razor meant for women as male razors are harsh and can lead to cuts and bruises. But…If you are in a hurry and a simple razor is what you can find, you can apply a hair conditioner on the area of shaving, spread it nicely with a dab of water and shave. This will ensure that you have a smooth shave and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Pregnant moms can ask their husband to help out with the shaving chores and I am sure this will lead to more than a shave.
Shaving Underarms

Shaving underarms are the easiest and the quickest way of getting rid of all the unnecessary hair and this is also an important part of the daily hygiene and will lead to a tremendous reduction of body odour. Women who are going in for the first time shaving of their underarms can apply a cooling gel or calming lotion to the area immediately after the shave and can also apply a hair conditioner for a smooth shave. Good quality razor is a must.

Shaving Bikini Line 

70% of the woman across the world shave their Bikini Line and hence this is not a new phenomenon so I am sure you shall have all the knowledge about the shaving process but shaving around this area should be handled with extreme care.

Shaving your Face

I would not recommend shaving your face out to anyone but just wanted to share that this had given me extremely good and healthy looking skin and upper lips. Just stay away from the harmful bleaches and other methods which permanently damage the skin and lead to pigmentation and skin darkening. Also, waxing your face and upper lips is not a great way as it leads to sagging skin and early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hope you particularly enjoyed this read and will have a great time shaving.


Keep on saving by shaving


SuperMOM Mitali





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