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Rushabh Turakhia- The man behind the kindness philosophy: Your Turn Now


Rushabh Turakhia- The man behind the kindness philosophy: Your Turn Now

On the cold morning of 18th November, there I was ….reaching early at the venue in Bandra for the SuperDAD Panel had made me a bit dizzy, the excitement and tension of the event was overwhelming and seeing all the great ladies in their beautiful dresses who belonged to the Poddar Education group had made me question about my choice of clothing. I knew almost all the dads on the panel but this particular dad was something different. He had worked with all the parenting websites and my fellow mommies in the past; he was a part of the ECA and shared everything with a passion. When I had seen his name on the panel, I thought…”Him na…..I know this guy, does a lot of things! He had to be there!” And there he walked in with a T-Shirt which read “This is what an AWESOME DAD looks like” I pinched myself to see if this was true…..But he just smiled and this Awesome SuperDAD is none other than the famous Rushabh Turakhia.

Post this he explained me the philosophy behind his awesome cause ‘Your Turn Now’ and he had to be interviewed on the website….Read on to know what Rushabh Does in his 24 hour day, which sadly we also seem to have!!!

So Rushabh…tell us about how this thought and idea of ‘Your Turn Now’ came to you?

So, SuperMOM, I was just a regular guy who was busy in his own life and something changed in me while I was watching this movie ‘Pay it Forward’ which is a Hollywood movie starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and the main plot of the movie is the story of a social studies teacher who gives an assignment to his junior high school class to think of an idea to change the world for the better, then put it into action. When one young student creates a plan for “paying forward” favours, he not only affects the life of his struggling single mother, but he sets in motion an unprecedented wave of human kindness which, unbeknownst to him, has blossomed into a profound national phenomenon. I was super impressed with this idea and this was back in 2009.

I thought of doing something based on the philosophy of
 'Random Acts of Kindness' and came up with 'Your Turn Now'

How did the idea of cards come to mind? 

I was toying with the idea of Keychains or Pens but wanted to think of some token of reminder which could appeal to the masses. It would have to be easily carried in the wallet, bag or purse so I came up with YOUR TURN NOW cards and so far we have spread more than 1/2 a million cards in more than 43 countries available in Hindi, English and 10 other international languages.

How do I participate in this cause? 

It is very simple, we do not expect people to climb mountains or go to some remote areas to do a kind deed, and we just expect them to help others, be it anyone by a kind deed. It can be as simple as helping an old lady cross the street or helping your old colleague get a new job, while you are on a Mumbai train and are lucky to have a seat, sharing it with others or buying a ticket for a fellow who does not have change etc…when you do such a deed pass on this card as a token to the person you have helped and ask him/her to do a kind deed as well and slowly world will be a kinder place.

But...just keep one thing in mind, do this kind thing without expecting
anything in return and you shall get a
lot of things from various unknown sources.

How do we teach this kindness philosophy to children and how do we apply this philosophy as parents ourselves? 

Children are so kind themselves and while I give lectures in many schools, I meet them very often and they tell me “I want to do these kind deeds but my dad/mom are not allowing me to.” I get so many calls from children that it is not even funny. Children are inherently very kind but as we grow old, we kind of lose the kindness.  Thus if we want to practice the philosophy behind ‘Your Turn Now’ we need to really practice these acts of kindness in front of our children and they will be sure to follow you and become kinder humans for sure. In fact, while I was travelling with my son to Hyderabad for a visit, I was busy looking at the taxi to reach the destination and my son saw an old lady with a heavy bag, she was just wondering on how would she get it out of the airport to the taxi, my son quickly noticed it and told me “Dad, it’s time for some Your Turn Now.” the old lady immediately caught my attention and we helped her with the luggage. This is what I mean.

I really felt proud of my son and my 'Your Turn Now' baby that day.

Tell us something more about the books. 

Ahh yes…There are 2 books in the Your Turn Now series, Your Turn Now 1 and 2 and it is published by Fun OK Please which is headed by Preeti Vyas. These are all real stories of people who have done these kind deeds and they are written in a format which will interest children. Selected by the alternative.in as part of “50 Indian books every parent must read to their child,” 
Selected by Life and times in Bangalore as part of its India centric book list: 50 books we love

. Selected by Crossword as “Best of 2013: Children’s Writing”
Selected by Amazon – Most memorable books of 2016

More than 10,000 copies have been sold so far.

What is the ultimate aim of ‘Your Turn Now’ 

We really want to reach more than 7.2 billion people across various countries and territories – that’s world’s population. That’s the reason we held Kindness workshop at various schools, colleges, corporates, Clubs, Societies etc.

How do we reach you? 

You can call for YOUR TURN NOW cards by visiting our website – www.yourturnnow.in

Or call/WhatsApp on +919029602897 or request on our FB page – Your Turn Now

It was really great talking to the ever smiling and joking Rushabh Turakhia. We wish him all the very best in taking the ‘Your Turn Now’ philosophy ahead. Check out the video on 40 acts of kindness below.

Keep on Rocking and spreading the kindness,


SuperMOM Mitali