Role Of Parents In Child's Education

Education starts at home. Encouraging parents play a pivotal role in shaping bright and inventive students. A child’s learning scale is highly related to how they are treated at home and the studying techniques they learn.

You can inspire your child to have an improved learning outlook by ensuring a favourable learning environment and inculcating the habit of completing tasks on time.

A parents’ role in child’s education should not just be limited to homework and activities at home. Effective parental engagement in school too has a positive impact on student achievement.

It leads to a stronger belief in the importance of education, a greater sense of responsibility, higher grades and better social skills. By working together, teachers and parents can create and maintain a highly receptive educational program for children.

Here are a few ways which parents can adopt to help ensure their child reaches full academic, professional and personal potential

One of the most important things a parent can do is noticing what children love and how they respond to different activities. This will help you gain insight into the learning pattern your child will enjoy best.

Do they love to talk or listen? Find out your child’s hobbies and interests and incorporate those in the teaching methods.

Some children love reading, some love to solve puzzles and quizzes while others love visuals and enjoy learning through videos. Pay attention to see whether your child learns better if he listens to audio, by creating charts, drawing pictures or by singing. No child has the same learning process even if they are siblings. So try to personalize teaching for maximum learning outcomes.

It is important to keep an eye on the homework a child has to complete.

Help them to be more organized with their daily routine and find enough time for the play and school.

Sitting with your child while they study really lifts their spirit for learning. Devise fun ways to learn and guide them if they find the homework complex. However, do not complete their homework for them. Try to identify the problem if your child is lacking in performance or unable to finish the task repeatedly.

Good school attendance is important to academic achievement. When students are absent from school they miss vital instruction and lose the momentum of everyday learning. Ensure your child attends school regularly and does not miss it for minor reasons such as oversleeping or finishing homework at the last moment is parents’ major responsibility.

Have a scheduled homework and sleeping time to keep your child ready and in time for school in the morning. This is one of the most important roles of parents in a child’s education.


Children imitate what they see and as a role model for your child, you have a responsibility to inspire them with good habits. Immerse yourself in activities you want your child to learn. Read more, learn a new language and watch the news. While your child is completing his/her homework, try to study or read something yourself. This could set a study schedule for your family and make it an exciting ritual every day.

Discussing with children how you find certain subjects/topics hard but tackle it will act as a motivating factor and teach them to overcome their fears.

Encourage Your Child In Times Of Failure

You should emphasize effort as well as achievement. Encouraging and praising children will make them successful learners and positively influence the child’s confidence. Criticism should always be positive; teach them the right way to complete their homework, study and do their chores. Give them the freedom to fail and allow them to navigate through school with the confidence that they have the ability to do better. Children need your guidance and are more forthcoming when you correct them gently.

A large part of ensuring that your child succeeds and receives the best education possible starts from you! Have regular interaction with your child’s teacher to understand how your child is doing in school. Taking real interest and responsibility in your child’s education can be a very enriching experience for you too.




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