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Raising a sportsman – an uphill battle for every Indian Parent

"Its ok if my son/daughter spends less time doing her homework but it is
not ok with me if he/she misses even one day of his/her playtime. 
It is ok with me if my son/daughter scores less on the math test 
or does not complete his/her homework because she is 
busy becoming a Sportsperson" Said every parent whose kid is 
representing India at a national level.

What would have happened if Sachin Tendulkar’s father would not have let him play cricket? Or Sania Mirza’s parents would have listened to their neighbours/friends who told them that there won’t be any Martina Hingis in India! What about Punam Raut (The Mumbai gal who represented India in woman’s cricket team at the world cup finals) who was asked can girls play cricket???? And those thousands of sportsmen and women like Savita Punia, Heena Sidhu, PV Sindhu and not forgetting Dipa Karmarkar.

Now, this leads us to the question if we are raising a SportsPerson or we are encouraging our kids to be a bookworm in spite of his/her wishes.

We may all think that we should have a M.S Dhoni playing in our backyard or Saina Nehwal skirting around the terrace playing badminton but the harsh truth is that the

Indian Education System in spite of the introduction of the newer schooling systems like ISCS, IGCSC, IB and many others are lacking the main emphasis on sports.

When we asked some stalwarts in the Indian Education field like Swati Popat Vats director Podar Jumbo Kids and President Early Childhood Education, she gave us a fantastic answer.

Swati maintains "Till sports is made a compulsory subject in India 
whose marks count it will never be taken seriously. 
Till now sports is just an extracurricular activity. 
After a kid realises that his/her basics are in place, 
the education system in India should allow the kids to drop a 
few subjects and chose sports as their main subject."


When we got a chance to meet and interact with the great Geeta Phogat, a freestyle wrestler who won India’s first ever gold medal in wrestling at the Commonwealth Games in 2010, she told us..

"Sports is like an addiction which is not very easy to 
forgo so if you as parents wish that your kid plays any 
kind of sports, you must be the one addicted enough to pass it on to 
your kids"

She also maintains that Taking them regularly to sports grounds from an early age and showing them what is this particular sport is important. After a few weeks, the kid would definitely want to play it but then not giving up is only a parents responsibility.


Somewhere we at SuperMOM Mitali feel that every parent in India should not distinguish between any kind of a sport if your kid is interested in Cricket or Badminton, Football or Rifle shooting, Swimming or Hockey, encourage them to play. Take the extra responsibility to coach them, talk to them, give them positive reinforcement without changing your attitude ever and most importantly believe in them with your heart and I am sure India will have Olympians and Gold Medalists, World class athletes and World championship teams led by in our kids who shall make India proud.

Raising our kids to be champion sports players and athletes is our responsibility towards our county!

Jai Hind!

Keep on Rocking

SuperMOM Mitali or should I say Mother India.