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Pregnancy Myths

Photo of an attractive brunette woman who is 32 weeks pregnant holding pink and blue baby booties on her tummy, isolated on a white background.

For those of us who have been there and have enjoyed the journey and laughed it off, for those of us who have been there but haven’t enjoyed the journey (So Sorry mommies) and for those of us who were surrounded by all these myths! Basically for all the mommies of the 20th and the 21st century.

Pregnancy Myths
Pregnancy Myths

So Supermom Mitali asked anyone if they had heard of any Pregnancy myths on facebook and twitter and these replies poured in……

Pregnancy makes you fat and you can never lose weight- Sai Kedar

If you have heartburn or any kind of burning sensation, then you are lucky, your baby will have a bucket of hair on his head. – Sejal Patankar

Speak less post delivery or all your teeth might fall out- Sejal Patankar

What is your daughter doing at your place? Is she not having sex with her husband while she is pregnant? The baby won’t be healthy I am telling you!!!(Aunty shouting)- Poonam Sharma

Don’t go out during the full moon/Amavasya, Werewolves might come out on that day! – Mitali

Pregancy Myths 1

If your tummy is pointy, then you have a boy. If no then girl- Sheetal Joshi

While these are the Myths that we came across, would love to hear from you.

Any Myths mommies???

Do let me know and keep on Rocking.

SuperMOM Mitali