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Planning a Baby? Note these things before taking the plunge!


Planning a baby in today’s world can be a daunting task especially if both the husband and wife are working. Any to be mommy might have to consider the pros and cons of planning the baby as it can not only take a physical but also a mental toll on her life. Also, we better not forget that your husband is also an equal parent and will have to take an equal responsibility of bringing the baby in this world.

Ready to take the plunge and enter the next stage of becoming a Parent?

Think again and consider the following things before getting pregnant which Dr Yashashree, Our In-house Psychologist states as follows….

Don’t stop your life in the quest to conceive.

Many women tend to get consumed by the desire to conceive. Unfortunately, this prevents them from enjoying the other simple tasks, which gave them pleasure earlier. So continue going to the gym, taking your pet out for a walk, meeting your girl gang or simply watching a movie with your spouse. Don’t just give up on your existing life.

Avoid blaming each other for their roadblocks in conceiving.

Remember you’re both in this together. Many times, couple tend to blame each other even if there is a slight delay in conceiving. This tends to upset their relationship and can have grave effects even after the baby is conceived and born.

Have sex for reasons other than conceiving.

This is especially true if you are also having scheduled sex on your fertile days. Chill and just enjoy the process also you don’t need to worry about taking precautions for quite some time now.

This is a tip for all the dads out there…Remind your wife that you married her because you love her.

The baby is a result and not the reason for that love. Difficulty conceiving can take a toll on a woman’s self-esteem. Understand that without patronizing her. Let her see that you are equally committed to actions. Attend appointments with the Ob-gyn with her. Join her in other efforts like losing weight, maintaining a healthy diet, quitting alcohol or smoking etc.

Last but not the least would be to take a break occasionally from trying to conceive. This will reduce the stress and anxiety in your relationship and make you a happy couple.