Home DIY Organising kids room on a budget – Girl Edition

Organising kids room on a budget – Girl Edition


Do you love playing with your girls but get tired in finding her toys?

Have to search for a single item amidst piles of toy mountains?

These hacks will sort out your life forever!

No matter how many kids you have!

Just kidding!


Free dolls from the dump bin by arranging them in a hanging organizer and their accessories neatly in a box.

Now, who said Barbie dolls or your very own Barbie girl wasn’t high maintenance?

Worry not! This arrangement will be a treat even if any adult decides to indulge in some playtime with the dollies!


Hanging Organizer for Dolls.
Hanging Organizer for Dolls.


  • Take a hanging organizer
  • Hang it on al or if you think your dolls deserve to be seen then, a showcase wall preferably.
  • Neatly label the organizer pockets with types of dolls or doll names to be specific
  • Start hanging the dolls yourself or get your kid to do the same.






Stuffed toys

Stuffed toys making a mess everywhere? Also if you have a dog keeping the stuffed toys out of the dogs reach might be the most important factor leading to fights and even destruction of toys.

Worry not! This DIY Swing can be a delight for both your and your kids eyes.



  • Organising Kids RoomTake shoe cartons (4/5 in number)
  • Paint them or decorate them with paper as per your wish
  • Pound holes in the same
  • Attach strings in it.
  • Hang it on the ceiling
  • Your kids will have a great time putting and removing soft toys from this swing, also as the swing is made of shoe boxes your kids wont even ask to swing on the same.



Now you can get your kids really really excited by asking them to help you in these DIYs and they will never forget to keep their toys in place.



Makeup boxes/ Jewelry makers 

Have an older girl who is really into DIY stuff/ jewelry making and other things and leaves the house in a mess?

Worry not…….we have an interesting solution for your baby girl and you!


Organising Kids Room 1               Method

  • Take a layered tackle box (Available online)
  • Start by arranging the bigger items in the lowest shelf and the smaller ones on top.
  • You can also add post it labels or a permanent marker to reserve permanent spaces for the teeny tiny items.





Colors and paints

Buying colors and paints is a hugely exciting endeavor for many mommies but storing them is a disaster. Mommies who are always looking for beautiful ways to organize their kids art supplies, we have a great solution for you. While these will look great, they’d also be an interesting kids craft activity.

Organising Kids Room 2Method

  • Take acrylic mason jars and get them painted using primer spray and acrylic paint in various colours like in the picture.
  • Or if you are a mom who does not want to do extra work buying coloured inexpensive tin jars (Available online) will be a great idea.
  • Just cut through the lids & Add the lids back onto the mason jars.
  • Fill the jars with pens, pencils, markers, or paint brushes acc to the color so that it’s really to sort them and makes for a great wall piece.




Yet to buy a Kitchen Set?Organising Kids Room 3

If you are a mommy who is yet to buy a Kitchen set then we have this simple hack which will not only save money but loads of space and reduce junk.

You will need….

A huge storage container (Depends on how big you want the kitchen to be)

Circle stickers or bold permanent markers (Only if you are good in drawing)


  • Start by drawing/sticking stove burners and knob accents and make the top lid of the container look like a gas top.
  • Buy other kitchen articles and Velcro cut fruits to make your kitchen set a complete one.



If you really loved these hacks then make sure you keep glued on to this space as we are coming up with the boy edition very soon.


Keep on rocking mommies….


SuperMOM Mitali