We are back with the Toy Hacks but this time the Boy Edition is much requested. So read on and have fun!

If you a mommy who only has boys running around the house, these hacks will sort your life but increase their playtime! A catch 22 situation? At least the house will look organized. (SIGH!)

Toy Cars and Trucks

If you have got a boy or boys then toy cars and trucks and other fancy vehicles will be a part of your life till long and it’s better to accept the same but when it comes to their storage you can really become a ‘Supermommy’ by following these super simple hacks. These will leave your house decluttered and organized. Oops! You can prevent yourself from tripping on the cars for sure!

This hack will particularly help if the car has a metal body!


Magnetic Holders for Toy Cars
Magnetic Holders for Toy Cars


  • Take magnetic tool holders (3/4 depending on a number of cars)
  • Pound them to the wall

Now its super easy to just attach the cars to the holder and…….which kid won’t love this magnetic activity?

Plastic Cars

Now if your kid has a huge collection of only plastic cars then you will have to take a hot glue gun and attach magnetic tapes or buttons to the cars.

Then this solution will be a super relief for you and will also act as a show item in your house. Refer to the picture and voilà you are sorted!




 Toy Animals

Though boys are more fond of toy animals especially dinosaurs, this is not the rule of the thumb. If you a mommy who has a boy and girl both or either one of the two, this hack will be your favourite activity and it can also act as a decorative centrepiece in your house.

Toy Hack Method

  • Take toy animals and come up with a theme (Let your kid be the best judge of this as kids are super creative and this will also boost their creativity in many ways)
  • After you have picked a theme, for example ‘Party with the animals’ source appropriate materials from your existing collection, these can be some items like clay, kinetic sand, papers, cardboards, shoe boxes, straws, legos cars etc.
  • You can use your creativity to and help your toddler create a perfect scene.


When it comes to storing these you can either store them in shoeboxes, plastic organizers, Mason jars or even XL sized zip locks.




Toy Hack 2Guns

Guns of all shapes and sizes can not only be difficult to store but a space consuming affair. Follow this hack to get a creative solution to this threat.


  • Take a peg board (Size would depend on the number of guns and also on the size of your kid’s room)
  • You will also need some pegboard mounting hooks. (Available online)
  • Get it mounted with the help of a local carpenter
  • Attach the hooks and then the guns
  • Add your creative touch to the board.


TIP- You can create a similar kind of a board to mount your jewellery and other accessories, mommies!



The best way to store balls of various sizes is to mount them on a wall on a wall mounted basket which is readily available in the market.


  • Take a wall mounting strip (Available online)
  • Attach a metal or rubber storage basket on the mounting strip by securing it with nails.
  • Hack: You can also use a laundry basket if you want to.

And your wall mounted ball storage basket is ready!

TIP– Prevent storing extremely heavy balls in this basket to prevent it from tearing!



Figurines are every boy’s treasure, even if they grow up so….if you can be a mommy who can find out ways to store them nicely and in a creative way then you have almost won the ‘Supermom of life’ award from your boys. Follow some simple steps to store these in a creative and safe way and you may never know that these can be worth a fortune later.

Toy Hack 2Method

  • One way to store them is to neatly stack them in a huge mason jar and then add in dividers after every figurine stacked. This will also prevent dust collecting on them.


  • Another way is to make a Lego pyramid-like in the picture below and stack the figures neatly one on top of the other. Alternatively, you can also buy a pyramid shelf and stack the figurines.


If you a mom who likes creativity even in the house then this below picture will explain everything.

Tip- follow this only if you have older kids and no pets!


Mommies….hope you have enjoyed the Boy edition and the Girl edition too.

I really had fun writing this article and doing each and every hack and trying them out, even though I have a baby girl I experimented some hacks with her and my friends baby boys. All were delighted to play and the house looked super clean too!


I know that you are going to love these simple hacks as well.

Do let me know


As always keep on rocking and hacking(Trying the hacks)


SuperMOM Mitali