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Organise your makeup with ease: Rohini Rajagopal


We Indian moms rarely throw our items away and mostly hoard a lot of stuff either in our attic or cupboards which results in a cluttered drawing room, kitchen, bedroom, cupboards and even our bathrooms and dressing table look cluttered. The basic rule of decluttering which we all should follow is to tackle one item after the other. So…if you think your Drawing Room looks cluttered then attack that problem first and then move on to the kitchen and so on. Let’s hear it from Rohini Rajagopalan who heads Organize with Ease and will be helping us cull the makeup clutter for this time.

Are you one of those who has makeup products that date back a few years and are still sitting on your shelf? Is your bathroom filled with products that you barely use? If nothing would you just like to simplify your daily routine with regards to Makeup? Then this article is just for you…

Today, there are multiple options available when it comes to personal hygiene and makeup. Foundation, BB Creams, Concealers and the list almost seems never-ending. Before you begin to call the makeup clutter, it’s really important to consider your routine and personal choice.

Are you the kinds who loves using a lot of makeup or someone like me who rarely uses anything beyond a gloss and eyeliner. A clarity on this just smoothens the entire process of decluttering.

Here is a quick step by step guide

  1. Collect all your make up on to one clear surface. Empty them in one bag by the dresser or any place of your preference.
  2. Segregate your makeup – eyeliners, lipsticks, foundation, powders, highlighters are just some category example
  3. Go thru one category at a time and ask these questions – Expiry date? When was the last time you used the product? Do you see yourself using it again soon? Do you have a similar or a duplicate one? Does the product suit your skin type? Does it make you feel great?These questions should easily help you decide if you should keep a product or simply trash it.

“As a general rule, most powders will last 2 years, creams and liquids up to 1 year, lip liners and lipsticks up to two years, eye products up to two years (less if cream), and mascara and liquid liners need to be tossed after 3-4 months.”

These are just guides – exercise caution and pay attention to any changes in smell, texture, and color. If any of these have changed, then it’s likely the product is off.

Now that you have decided what all to keep, storage becomes important.

4. Have one spot for all your make up-  It’s best to have everything stored in one place so you know what all you can play with while getting ready. Some products might need a cooler storing place so, please keep that in mind.

5. If you are one that carries make up handy, suggest you have a small makeup pouch that can go into any bag

6.The last tip, keep it simple with brushes. If you have multiple brushes for the same function, keep 2, maybe 3, and get rid of the rest. I have two blush brushes so I’m able to wash my brushes every two weeks instead of every week.

7.Also, invest in products that can be used in multiple ways comes in very useful while traveling.

Hope you find this useful and enjoy minimalizing your make up space.

Rohini can be reached via her Facebook Page and email id. 

Email: rohinirajagopals@gmail.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/organisewithease

Till then…

Organize with ease and Keep on Rocking


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