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Nursery Rhymes- Good or Bad?

Nursery Rhymes
Nursery Rhymes

What are you showing your baby???? Her eyes will go for a toss!” exclaimed a nosy neighbour who had not even heard of Youtube in her life. “Cartoon?????” She’s only 8 months old no!” gasped Mrs M. Hehe and ROFL are the only things that came to my mind but she was right in what she was wanting to say. Her generation believed that new age products ruin you, they thought…..TV and Cartoons hamper eyes and make you a spectacled person since young age, eating out ruins your health, talking on mobile causes cancer and not praying to god, invites the devil. Does todays generation believe so? Yes or No? I thought of this and began my research with new age moms! We had a long Facebook chat on a mommy group and this was the outcome in a nutshell.

Some moms thought, this is really good as it promotes language development and some believe that it is important to set limits on their Rhymes seeing time. Some moms started talking about TV and cartoons and how their kid is addicted to it all the time.

And this was exactly my point. Wanna know what i think ? Click on the video!

And these are some of the channels that we were mentioning….