Neha is someone who talks about her weight loss journey very openly, she was body shamed but took it up as a challenge to battle and study the science of weight loss and now is a leading nutrition consultant in Mumbai. As someone who has been battling this same issue for more than decades, I totally went through a similar journey myself. Finally, it was proper knowledge and my dear husband who made me feel beautiful. Now lets see what Nehas journey has been like…

Neha comes on board as the official Nutrition consultant for our website. Do read on to know more….

So Neha tell us something about yourself…
I am a total Mumbaikar and have been born and brought up in this very city. My dad is a Council General of Belarus and thus most of my childhood was spent travelling between India and Russia. Those some great times

But you know if you ask me, I was always a fat child. Initially, people called it baby fat which would melt away but I knew that this is ‘Fat Fat’ because I weighed 80 Kgs…Can you Imagine at 13 what 80 Kg feels like…

Then how did you lose all the weight?
This is when the body shaming began…Ok, so Body Shaming is a concept where people pass judgments on your body. “You are too thin, too fat, dark, too fair, chubby etc…” I am telling you nothing is good enough for these people.

So I was 13 and a Teen so yes all these things affected me a lot. I was consumed by the idea of losing weight.

I did what many have done at some point. Basically, I ate nothing and walked a lot. I threw my food away and threw the milk in the sink. Thus I went from 80 kg to 59 kg in three months, but I was far from fit I caught colds frequently, experienced hair loss, had brittle nails and my skin looked pale. And, the weight was back again by the time I was 16.

Tell me something about your family and yes how did you meet your husband?
So currently we are a happy family consisting of my In-Laws who are a huge support system for me. My Husband and I have a 3-year-old daughter. So, I met my husband in the gym so yeah…I have been battling this fat all my life in some way or the other but my husband is a huge support system for me.

Did you put on a lot of weight during pregnancy?
Ohh Yes…I did In spite of being health conscious I had gained 17 kg. Everyone thought that I would never lose the weight. So, here I was, the proud mother of a beautiful child, but I didn’t feel beautiful.

How did your journey into the field of Nutrition begin?
After my baby, I had become a very irritable person and this had eventually led to depression I let it drive my determination and this was when I started studying about nutrition. Post pregnancy, during my transformation journey from May 2015 to Feb 2016, I went from 70 kg to 53.5 kg; from 33 percent body fat to 24 percent.

What is your message to all the moms who are going through the same?
I would tell them to choose health over being fat or thin and before you start doing something drastic to yourself by starving or over-exercising, consult something who knows the science behind a food, that is typically a Nutrition Consultant. As a parent, you need to be healthy and fit because you are responsible for taking care of a new life and even shape them. Also,

I would especially like to tell moms that, Instagram is not the reality. It beautifies people and yes…Firangs and we have a completely different body type because of their metabolism, food, diet, climate etc…So don’t go by some Instagrammer who is looking like Kate Winslet or Cameron Diaz just one day after giving birth. Vanity is not reality mommies…Not fair but accept the real work on your body and soon you will look like million bucks.