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Nadine Muller- The Fit Supermom from Australia


When you type fitness and mommy on Instagram, Nadine Muller is the first person that you will come across. This is what I typed and Nadine Muller popped up, we instantly connected and began chatting and this is what we chatted. Nadine is a part of our ‘Supermoms of the world initiative’ and we wish her all the best in all her future endeavours.

Mitali asks- The first question is….what is the secret behind your fitness regime? How are u so motivated?Nadine says Know that there is no secret method – forget the diet pills, the diet shakes, the health fads that come as quick as they go – simply put in the hard work, be consistent, fuel your body correctly, respect and love your body, surround yourself with people who truly care about you and your health. Overall, be patient, and I promise your body will reward you in return!

My son Madden continues to motivate me every day – his little observing eyes are watching my every move – day in, day out. I know that my influence as a mother is extremely powerful and I will cultivate that at all costs for Madden’s upbringing. There is nothing more motivating than aspiring to be the best version of myself in order to be the best role model for my child.

Further, my motivation is driven by knowing that when a woman is happy and healthy inside and out, those she loves and cares about (and the set’s an example to) will follow suit. I give myself the same deserving attention that I give to the ones I love. Mums especially tend to give their absolute all to those whom they adore and it’s easy to completely put themselves by the wayside. I’m on a mission to ALSO care for me, after all, how can I best look after the ones who need me the most if I’m not in my best physical and mental state? I’ve learnt it’s not selfish to make YOU and your health and wellbeing a priority AS WELL and that very thing takes my motivation to new heights.

Nadine Muller
Nadine Muller

Mitali asks-  What is your fitness regime?

Nadine Muller says……

Workout week

Monday HIIT & Strength Training

Tuesday HIIT

Wednesday Strength/Resistance Training

Thursday HIIT

Friday HIIT & Strength/Resistance Training

Saturday Strength/Resistance Training

Mitali asks- Home workouts?

Nadine Muller says Yes I do home workouts if I can’t get to the gym or if I simply need to get a workout done as quick as possible, life gets busy sometimes especially as a full time working mum with so many extra commitments. I am fortunate to have a small home gym in our garage so there really is no excuse to sneak in a workout. Likewise, I do some baby-friendly workouts where I am able to incorporate my baby and these are fun to do together and it still gets me working hard!

Mitali asks-What message do u give to our fellow moms?

Nadine Muller says That ‘Our bodies are strong, our bodies are powerful, our bodies are beautiful for they made us mothers’ …One of my fav quotes, it gives me goosebumps! It is important for us women to remind ourselves that not all images we see on social media are ‘real’. I want to share the importance of self-love, I know it’s one concept that all mothers would hope their children would learn too as they grow – to respect themselves and to be proud of the unique individual they are. As women, we should be no different. I want women to say goodbye to their inner critic, to be kinder to themselves and their bodies. To gain a heightened sense of self-worth and self-respect regardless of what ‘ideal bodies’ are thrown in their faces every day. It’s not about comparing themselves to another or about being better than anyone else but being proud of their own journey, owning their own unique story and improving themselves each and every day.

Nadine Muller 1

We all have to remember that our reflection in the mirror DOES NOT define our worth and continually comparing ourselves to potentially unrealistic ‘perfect’ bodies can be toxic to our mental health. I want women to feel confident and secure within themselves, and to know that there is more than enough room for us all to make it in this world!!

Mitali asks-When did u start working out post your delivery? Was it normal or c sec?

Nadine Muller says I waited until I had full clearance from my GP, obstetrician and women physiotherapist until I got back into my training, this was at 12 weeks post partum. And even then I took my training very slow and controlled with minimal weight. It was more about functionally reconditioning and repairing and strengthening. I returned at 6 months post partum to have my follow up check up to see how I was progressing. I slowly conditioned my body as I knew it was still healing. I ended up having an emergency C-section so my recovery surrounded that too.

Mitali asks-Importance of breastfeeding till 1.5 years?

Nadine Muller says I don’t believe there is a timeframe as such, as a breastfeeding mother myself for 10 months running, I’m certainly pro-breastfeeding but I am also a firm believer that everyone is different and is entitled to their own choices with regards to this and the opportunity to be respected and supported regardless of how they decide to feed their child for and even for how long. Whether babies are breastfed babies or formula fed babies there is no right or wrong way, what it does come down to is what was RIGHT for the mother and her child.

Nadine Muller 2

Mitali asks-Which diet do u follow?

Nadine Muller says I don’t diet, I FUEL my body correctly. As a proud breastfeeding mother, my nutrition is vital for not only my health and wellness but more importantly for the growing and developing needs of my baby.

Whilst I have a balanced approach and I believe everything in moderation, I ensure that for the most part, I concentrate on eating whole, unprocessed, raw foods. I don’t count my calories and as a breastfeeding mum, I certainly don’t go into a calorie deficit. I do however aim to eat 6x meals a day, a high protein diet, a heap of veggies (green where possible), legumes, nuts, drink plenty of water and cook with macadamia or coconut oil.

Mitali asks-Message for working moms?? How do they remain fit?

Nadine Muller says Drop the ‘ALL OR NOTHING’ approach – whilst it would be great to get 45-60 minutes of continuous exercise in every day, sometimes it just won’t happen and don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t. Plus you don’t have to spend endless hours exercising, if you can just commit 15 minutes of exercise each day, you will feel all the better for it. If you can’t get 15 minutes together, then break up your exercise over the entire day. Incidental exercise can happen just about anywhere (think squats at the kitchen sink, calf raises in the shower, lunges in front of the TV during ad breaks – virtually anywhere, anytime!) the little bursts of activities do add up over the course of the day! Think about the unallocated moments of time, those 30-minute blocks we spend on Facebook, Instagram, checking emails, reading blogs (haha) etc. Pay attention to the true quality and quantity of your time and highlight which activities you potentially could subtract from e.g. calling your best friend from the lounge verse hitting the pavement with bub and pram in tow whilst talking on the phone. We all know that motherhood comes with its fair share of challenges so on those days where nothing is going your way, just accept any spare time that you do have and make the most of it.

Plain and simple: if you don’t enjoy your regime than you’re less likely to stick to it. The key is finding an activity that you genuinely enjoy and that fits into your schedule and indeed your lifestyle. If you like what you do during exercise, you’ll view it as a necessity rather than an option and will less likely skip out on it!

Skip the excuse – To get a solid session in you don’t need much (if anything at all) as far as equipment is concerned. Try to drop the excuse ‘I couldn’t get to the gym so I couldn’t exercise today’…because guess what? the lounge room can be the perfect alternative. Don’t have weights? Everyday items in the pantry serve as great little hand weights! Better yet, provided that your bub is old enough and has good head and neck control use them as your added weight! Rather than seeing children as barriers to our fitness journeys, try to find ways to incorporate them into your workouts instead, I use my baby carrier all the time for this purpose and my little one loves it! Just the same as the advice we all got in the newborn days of ‘sleep when the babies sleeping’ attempt to live by ‘play when they play’ too.

Nadine Muller 3

Mitali asks-Does anything change after becoming a mom? Should it? What exactly changed in your life?

Nadine says Yes life changed, but for the better! Over the years, training has always been an essential part of my lifestyle, crucial for my physical (and mental) health and overall wellbeing personally and professionally. Whilst I’ve remained physically ‘fit’ for most of my life it wasn’t until becoming a mum, that my TRUE passion for overall wellness and health and fitness emerged.  Keeping active and staying fit is something I do for ‘me’ but ultimately for my family too. I know I am a far better person, mum and wife when I have invested time in making my health and wellbeing a priority too. Additionally, it has provided me with an outlet from the ongoing pressures of motherhood (especially with the steep learning curve as a first-time parent!) and those general life stressors that we all encounter along the way.

Mitali asks-Travelling with kids? Do and don’ts?

Nadine says Be as prepared as possible, have a packing list and pack accordingly, preparation is key and whether your travelling small distances albeit domestic or internationally with some pre-planning and some confidence travelling with children can be achieved!

Mitali asks-Pregnancy exercises?

Nadine says Pregnancy exercises truly are individualistic and each person is so unique, what might be right for one, may not be right for another. It also largely depends on what physical activity and conditioning you were in prior to falling pregnant as this will dictate your training during pregnancy. When I had fallen pregnant I was at the peak of my fitness, but despite that, I guess I underestimated just how much the body endures during pregnancy in the form of those intermittent common aches, pains and discomforts particularly in those final few weeks.I was very physically active before pregnancy, training 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day. Then when I was pregnant I was able to continue my activity in moderation but tapered down as my journey progressed. I learnt very quickly to listen to my body and as my pregnancy furthered I was certainly no longer training anywhere near my former level. I took each training session as it came, and exercised with more of a focus on moving the body for maintenance verse aiming to hit personal bests. I also was under the close guidance of my obstetrician who gave me medical clearance with my personal training guidelines, based on what I was doing pre-pregnancy and how my pregnancy journey was progressing. Staying active throughout my pregnancy aided with those body discomforts gave me a positive and strong mindset, aided sleep, relieved stress and ultimately prepared me for the stamina needed for labour, delivery and indeed recovery.

Hope you had loads of fun reading this and got inspired to workout immediately. 

Keep on rocking mommies!

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