I always loved dogs as far as I can remember. I think I was a bit scared of them in my childhood and only played with cats but then my sister was a huge dog lover and insisted we get an indie dog as a pet. We tried hard but our father didn’t allow it. Fast-forward to 2012 when I and my husband met, we bonded over having 3 pets and 3 kids and signed an invisible bond. So our daughter was born in 2014 and this is when we were not even sure if we could manage a baby but everything eventually fell into place. We decided to wait for 2 years till we get a dog.

“As fate would have had it exactly after 2 years, my husband saw a few messages from a twitter friend. She was sharing some really sad pictures of a beautiful dog, with a skin infection. Upon seeing the poor dog, he asked me “Should we get her?”

This was 2016 and we had just returned from a vacation in the Himalayas. I am a trekker and have been on numerous treks since the age of 6 so Himalayas are a sacred place for me and me while on my Himalayan pilgrimage, I had asked my god to bestow me with an innocent and loving gift. I thought that this is my god giving me a gift and I instantly said yes. We then went to visit the scared fox terrier who was rescued by a loving family. She was pure white and we decided to name her Lily, her condition was too bad and hence we gave her a medicated bath and took her home.

“Lily was made to mate and forced to deliver pups only at 6 months of age and when the pups didn’t survive the breeder had thrown her out of the car near a mall in Thane. We were sad and shocked to hear this story.”

When Lily came home we decided to give her all the love. After a few weeks, Lily settled in our family and even became my 2-year-old daughter’s best friend. They both practically grew up together and formed an amazing bond. This is when I started advocating everyone to get a dog even with a baby around.

Now, this is how we got our second dog, a story of my real life Black Panther. (The Black Panther movement was a movement started by the immigrant African American community in the 90’s to stop racial discrimination and has gained popularity due to the movie of the same name.) Ever since 2017 started and my daughter became 4 years old, we were somehow started thinking of getting a second dog. In the meantime, we are also expecting our second baby and I think it’s the babies wish or something that he/she also wanted a dog, so instead of pregnancy cravings, it was always dog cravings for me. We started researching on the Internet and started visiting shelters and contacting families who wanted to give their pet up. We also rescued a German Shepherd and a Saint Bernard (Hugo and Don) but decided to send them over to our farmhouse, as they needed a lot of space. They are really happy with our Great Dane Pharow in the farmhouse.                                                                                                       We now decided to get our own pup and began seeing a lot of Great Dane pup photos on the Internet. I came across this profile (Piwioniaaa) on Instagram and she had some amazing Great Dane puppies. Anna who is a Great Dane and Miniature Bull Terrier breeder in Poland takes great care of her dogs and recommended us that we get a dog from India itself as shipping a dog from Poland would be too expensive. Immediately the next day she sent me a message and said that someone had a Black Dane in India.

“We contacted them and they told us that they were giving the Black Dane away because the colour black came with its own prejudices and religious beliefs. We immediately asked this pup to be delivered to us.”

This Bono who is our black Great Dane pup came home only 29 days old as his mother had passed away. He was happy and full of energy soon he was diagnosed with a deadly disease known as Parvo Virus. He got treatment on time and we nursed him back to his health. He is a strong dog, he is my sweetheart, my first ever son and he turns 3 months old today.

“Happy birthday Bono, mommy loves you to the moon and back.”

Hope you liked our story and if you are thinking of getting a dog along with your kid, go ahead but make sure to love the dog as much as your own kid.


Keep on rocking,


SuperMOM Mitali