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Mommy is Having a Second Baby


Mommy is having a second baby and its time to break this news to the first baby? Read on to know interesting ways to get your kid to be an equal partner in your second pregnancy.

The First Ultrasound

Ths first ultrasound might be the best time to break the news of your ‘Bun in the Oven’ to your baby girl or a boy. You can begin by explaining things to your kid and even say that he/she was as small as a dot and now is the apple of your eye. Talking about all the wonderful instances that the kid is going to have with the little one would be a great way to form a bond right away.

The Doctors Visit

Taking the elder kid along with you to the doctor’s clinic would be a great way to make him/her feel that a special event is going to take place in your and your kids’ life. You can even show them the baby pics in the docs office and try to guess what names would they plan for a baby girl or a boy?

Tummy Talk

I remember when my mommy was expecting my little sister, she would always come home from work and say that the baby was missing me and this would make me feel really special and I would talk to the baby and tell her how my day was and basically talk to the baby. This really makes the elder kid feel involved with the baby in the tummy and helps him/her form a strong bond.

Baby videos

Now with the advent of the internet, we have access to everything and hence this might be a good opportunity to make your kid a part of your journey and also explain your elder kiddo the process of fetal development. Seeing some videos on Baby Center can be a good idea and do you think this can be a bio lesson in disguise? (Only for kids above the age of 3.5)

New Baby Prep

New baby prep might involve everything, asking the older kid to emotionally as well physically adjust to the new entry in his/her life, sorting the space constraints that come with the second kiddo, the toys, lovies, prams and everything. It is even important to convey that mommy and daddy will be a bit tired, owing to the new kid but still will love both of them equally.

Pregnancy Photoshoot

I am a big fan of Pregnancy photoshoots and hence would be a great advocator of getting your second pregnancy photoshoot done with your first kid and the bun in the oven as well. This will add a lot to your memories and for some interesting ideas, there is always some Pinterest.


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