Have you ever wondered what if a Pregnant mommy gets Dengue? Dr Shilpa from Jaslok Hospital shares with us some of the complications that can arise due to Dengue. She also tells us how to take care of themselves this Dengue season and how not to panic in case of Dengue.Click on the video link to know more about the disease, how to prevent the same and how not to panic in case one contracts the disease.

Dr Shilpa

Dr Shilpa

Dr Shilpa 1

Dr Shilpa says……..If you are to catch dengue you are more likely to develop a severe form of the disease. This is likely to be because the immune system is suppressed during pregnancy. In such critical situations delivery during pregnancy is risky and  a lot of care is to be taken of both the mother and the child in the womb. Such incidence of dengue infection has been increasing among women in India.

Dr Shilpa 2

Hope you loved the video and really gained insight into the matter and also learnt how Dengue can be prevented.

Keep on rocking mommies!!!

And stay away from Dengue!


SuperMOM Mitali



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