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Meet the Homeschooling SuperMOM from USA- Chris Weisenberger


We got chatting with the ever smiling and chatty, SuperMOM from the USA, Chris Weisenberger who is a mom to 3 beautiful girls and is expecting twin boys at the moment. Soon to be a mom to 5, Chris is a real supermom because she not only is a full-time stay at home mom but also homeschools the kids with a variety of activities. Her Instagram profile @ourtornado is an amazing place to steal a lot of homeschooling ideas and have fun with your kids. Read on to find out what is exactly going on in her mind and let’s get to know more about Homeschooling from her.

Chris Weisenberger
The Homeschooling SuperMOM Chris Weisenberger


SuperMOM asks: So Chris or should I call you mommy? (Laughs) Tell us in detail about your Instagram profile @ourtornado and the concept behind the same? Chris Weisenberger Says: My Instagram revolves around posting the activities we do for homeschooling mainly to give others ideas, we indulge in a variety of activities on a daily basis which mainly centre around sensory activities, painting and learning with the help of play. I believe in homeschooling as a passion for teaching your kids everything that is needed to make them ready to face the world. It may be just a walk in the backyard for others but it is my power walk filled with lots of positivity for me! 

Chris Weisenberger 1SuperMOM asks: Tell us something about your life as a Mommy in the USA? Chris Weisenberger Says: USA is the only place I’ve ever known….I honestly don’t even know how to compare it to other places. For me,  America is the land of freedom, Here in the USA we are free to teach what we believe in and explore the idea of teaching your own kids using not only one but many techniques. My life here has been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters and 2 naughty boys on the way. 



SuperMOM asks: How do you feel about being a mom to 3 kids? and 2 on the way?? Chris Weisenberger Says: Truly, I’m nervous about doing it all. Homeschooling with newborn babies is a little scary. Right now it is hard enough with one managing my 18 my month constantly putting everything in her mouth (Sighs) but I truly believe that it will be so worth it. The thing that worries me the most is, having enough time to teach the older ones while being sleep deprived. 


Chris Weisenberger 2

SuperMOM asks: How and why did you decide to homeschool your kids? Chris Weisenberger Says: It sort of happened by accident, I was working mornings, my husband worked nights and the times for schools just didn’t work for us. So I decided to just teach my first kid at home, once I got into homeschooling I realized it was something I wanted to do for a long time. 




SuperMOM asks: The most important of all tell us about the concept of Homeschooling and the method that you follow. Chris Weisenberger Says: At the moment, we are working in units. We pick a topic and learn about the topic for a week.

Chris Weisenberger 3

What do u teach? How? Preps? Books? Tell us all. Chris Weisenberger Says: My kids mostly like to learn by watching, So on a Saturday night I plan all the activities for the week, get the supplies if needed and neatly organize everything so that I am prepared to face the week. Mondays are mostly for learning by watching YouTube, some educational stuff of course! Tuesday to Saturday we have fine motor activities planned. 

Can a working mommy still homeschool? What do u think? Chris Says: Oh yes definitely!! The best part about homeschooling is that you can do it whenever you want to teach your kids. There is no rule that you must sit with your kid 8 hours a day for teaching like in a school. Most homeschoolers only school for a few hours a day and turn out to be perfectly balanced and knowledgeable human beings (Smirks)  

Chris Weisenberger 4

How do u balance the day with the kids and Social media, personal work and Youtube and your pregnancy with the twins? Chris Says: I’m a very organized person, also I morning person. I am up long before my kids. So I have time in the am for chores and social media.

Tell us something about your pregnancy? How far along? Names? Excitement? Birthing choices? etc… Chris Says: I’m 27 weeks pregnant and my boys are going to be named Corbin and Carter. We are soooo excited for the boys to join us! All my birthing choices have gone out the window since finding out about the twins. I went from wanting a natural birth to now pretty much forced into an epidural and delivering in the OT. (Laughs) 

Chris Weisenberger 5

Special message to other pregnant homeschooling moms like yourself? Chris Says: Give yourself a break mommies!!! If you miss a day because your tired your kid will survive!  You will survive too!  Just keep trying and do your best. A few months lenient homeschooling isn’t going to do any harm.  Consider it their summers. Have fun along the way. Because your kids are special and their childhood is something that is never gonna come back.


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