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Meet the teacher who travels along with her work- SuperMOM Jasmine

As we meet all the mums via Instagram, we were lucky enough to find Jasmine via Instagram too but what really made her special was the bond we shared. We connected instantly and Jasmine was really kind enough to share all her travel info and pics with us as well.
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Also, our SuperMOM Anisha deserves all the credit for this one!
Jonha and Jasmine
Jonha and Jasmine

Tell us something about yourself, mommy….

Hey, my name is Jasmin and I am a first-time mommy. I am an elementary school teacher. I used to teach kids for 3 years then moved into assisting English Language Learners through small group lessons and this is when my husband and I decided that we were ready to start our family. Now I enjoy teaching my 8-month-old Spanish when I am home and teaching my Spanish speaking students English when I am at work.
How old are you? And your kid too!
I am 26 years old and my kiddo is gonna be 9 months old soon.
Jonha and Jasmine
Which countries and places have you travelled till now? Both with and without kids.
Before the baby, my husband and I travelled to Costa Rica (I taught there for a month), Mexico (where I have some family members), and Chicago, then when I was pregnant we went on a babymoon and visited Joel’s extended family in Switzerland and visited Venice, Italy! It was beautiful! With the baby, we have gone on a road trip through Northern California (wedding in Oakland, family in Fresno, San Francisco) while visiting family in Southern California.
This summer we took baby Jonah to meet his great grandparents in Mexico.
Jasmine 1Tell us something about your trip with your kids?
Our first flight to California was a struggle, Jonah is a lap infant(Infant carried on the lap in the aeroplane), however, his least favourite thing to do (even as a newborn) was to sit on people’s lap while they are sitting! Keeping him entertained and seated was hard but Cheerios and his teethers were lifesavers.
                             He loved being in California as he prefers to be outside, looking at people, animals, and trees so I  noticed that he actually was a lot less fussy throughout our travels compared to when we are at home in New Orleans. We were in California for a month and during that time we took a week to visit family in Mexico and a week to do a Northern California road trip. He definitely does a lot better travelling via car because the ride just puts him to sleep.
Jasmine 2When did you start travelling with Jonah?
We actually took Jonah to California for the first time when he was 2 months old as soon as he had his 2 month shots. We wanted to do a baby dedication at our home church in Pasadena, CA.
Can you tell us 2 destinations that you would recommend other fellow mums to travel in and around the USA?   
Jasmine 3
First I would recommend spending the day at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. There are sections you can pay for (a science museum, a botanical garden and more) but there is also a tonne of free areas and playgrounds too, explore. Just make sure you pack a blanket and a sweater with a hoodie for you and baby because it is usually quite cold and windy.
Secondly, I would recommend visiting New Orleans, LA because we have so many family-friendly breweries here. It’s a great place a couple can visit and can have fun listening to music and having a drink and you don’t have to find a babysitter because most bars are family friendly and the culture is very inclusive. Believe it or not, Mardi Gras is very family friendly so I would definitely recommend coming out for that in the Spring. You will find a lot many free parades and the kids love watching them.
Jasmine 4How do you pack for the travel?
I pack by planning each outfit and that way I make sure not to over pack and I also try to pick colours that go together so I can mix and match or wear the same shirt twice with different bottoms if necessary. As for the baby, I also pack by planning outfits and make sure to pj’s 2-3 pj’s for him. Extra diapers go in his little carry on sized suitcase. We always have one checked bag for my clothes and shoes as well as some of Joel’s things.  I take Jonah’s carry-on along with his diaper backpack as my personal item (this is where we put our food for the flight and all of Jonah’s entertainment . My husband carries his carry-on and the baby. 🙂
Jasmine 4
Dos and don’ts of travelling with kids?
Don’t pick a flight that falls in between babies naptime. He will be fussy and bored, I have enjoyed flights past 5 pm because Jonah sleeps through most of it. Do take baby cereal, cheerios or teething crackers. Anything that baby can pick and entertain himself with by munching helps the flight to go by quicker. Do put a nighttime diaper on the flight or long ride to prevent leaking! Do take a lightweight stroller with a covering for the shade that ideally goes all the way flat so baby can take naps wherever you are.  This was a lifesaver when we’re with family in Mexico and staying out past bedtime.
 What are the best & worst parts of travelling with kids?
The worst part is that if there is a time change, your child will go off of their schedule. The best part is that usually, people are so excited to see or meet your kids so you have lots of free babysitting!!
Jasmine 5How do you manage your kid’s food items while on vacation or any crazy for incidences?
Luckily since Jonah is only 8 months we usually buy a few fruits and vegetables and cook them to be packed in small containers which we bring from home and if we are staying somewhere for a long time (like our parents house) then I will shop some formula to their house so we don’t have to carry our big can of formula.




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