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Meet SuperMOM September – Elisha Wilson Beach


Meet SuperMOM September – Elisha Wilson Beach

Supermoms of the world was an initiative started by us to bring all the moms under one globe and 6 months down the line, when we look back….we have accomplished so much….but now that we have an active community of moms, we shall give it a break and resume again with its season 2 from January. Elisha is a mom of 4 and is a very busy mom and hence we could not see much of her but we were really honoured to have her here and do read on to know some pearls of wisdom

So Mommy, tell us in detail about your life….

Well, to be honest, my life is quite crazy and unpredictable. I have 4 very high energy young ones at home with me and my husband, Michael Beach, (who is the actor in the family) travels a lot. That basically means I have to plan everything with the idea that he might not be here to help. The flip side of that is when he is home he is home full-time and does most of the running around with the kids. I can often be found attempting to write a blog with one hand and holding the baby with the other.


So are you born and brought up in USA? Family? Siblings?

I was born in Birmingham, AL to a white mom and a black dad. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. I danced and studied ballet while growing up and then moved to NYC to pursue dance. 





We have seen some beautiful pictures of you in your wedding dress….Was it a grand fairytale wedding?

I was actually fairly small and simple. It was at my husband’s best friends house with only about 60 people there. It was so perfect and intimate for us.




How is it being married to an established actor? Do the kids wanna be actors too? 

It’s nowhere near as glamorous as people may think. His schedule is completely unpredictable and he works really long hours often away from home. Ohh I dunno about the kids but I guess they shall be inclined towards acting for sure. 




How do you feel about being a mom to 4 kids? How is a typical day like?

It is crazy and nonstop. I am constantly on the go and rarely do I get time for myself. However, they are highly entertaining and keep me on my toes.




How do u balance the day with the kids and plus Instagram, and personal stuff?

I don’t know that I can ever really “balance” my days. Some days I kick but running my blog and I burn dinner and lose my patience. Other days, I am a rocking mom and I don’t get a thing done work-wise. 




Tell us something about your pregnancies? Was each pregnancy totally different?

Each one was different. My first was definitely the easiest and my pregnancy with my girl was the most difficult because the morning sickness was the worst. But I was the most tired with the last pregnancy.





Special message to other moms like yourself?


Breathe more and laugh more. Motherhood can be stressful but it helps if you take a breath and laugh at all the absurdity.

How has technology changed mommyhood?

It makes it easier to document your kids’ lives, there is more possibility for the community and more access to information which I am still not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. The flip side is there is much more pressure to be this perfectly curated image of a mom and much more places for your parenting choices to be judged.




Any books that you have read in recent times and would recommend for parents.

HAHAHAHAHA. By the time I have time to read I usually pass out after reading about 2 sentences.



Any special message for the Instagram mommies? Any selfie tricks? or tricks to click your kid’s photos, because we love them!

Sunlight is the best.


Any series that you are currently watching?

I love This Is Us. Makes me cry every time.

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We lied, the tears start now. ?#ThisIsUs

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