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Meet SuperMOM Delia from Orlando Florida, home of the famous Mickey Mouse!


While everyone loves to travel (Well, almost everyone I have met has been a huge travel buff) and thus we decided to start this Travel section on our website. The moment I decided to start this section I was only met with encouragement, help, and lots of love from the ‘SuperMOMS’ across the globe Thanks to each and everyone of you who have contributed and made this a huge success also not forgetting our SuperMOM Anisha who gets everything organized to make this Travel section a reality.

So, as usual, it was a pretty sunny day and we were just surfing our mobiles and we found Delia’s profile on Instagram, we were taken aback by some amazing photographs and we instantly connected to find out that Delia has Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World in her backyard. We quickly jumped in to ask Delia tons of questions about her life, her kid, her cat and a dog and Travel of course. Delia also blogs at http://punktopacifiers.com




Delia with her enchanting son
Delia with her enchanting son


Tell us something about yourself, mommy….
Hi, I’m Delia from Orlando Florida, home of the famous Mickey Mouse! I am married to an amazing man named Joey. Together we have one son named Jojo! I left the world of finance to be a stay at home mom to our little boy. I have recently found a fun hobby in photography!

How young are you? And your kid too! 
I am 31 years young, and Jojo is 22 months! almost 2!



Delia 1


When did you start travelling with kids?

Our first travel with Jojo was when he just turned 1. We took a 13 hour(turned 15 hours) road trip to The Outerbanks North Carolina (a beach town) from Orlando Florida, to visit our family for a little over a week. We also took our dog there and had lots of fun! 






Delia 2Can you tell us 2 destinations that you would recommend other fellow moms to travel? 
I would always recommend travelling to any kind of theme park,  we have three of them right in our backyard which are…Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World. I would also recommend travelling to a destination where kids can enjoy in a park and swim. 
This is especially if you have small kids. 




Delia 3


How do you pack for the travel?

I try to pack light, we have only done road trips, and have always rented a car, plus we also bring our dog. So I can’t always bring everything with us. Plus most of the time, we rent things, most places you can rent, cribs, highchairs, bikes, wagons. This just means I can bring more souvenirs home!

Dos and don’ts of travelling with kids…

Don’t over pack! You will not need or use half the things you pack. Be prepared that with children things happen, plans will change because small kids are not gonna care that you are excited about an old building,(If you are sightseeing, especially in Europe)  They will always want to explore so it is important to find parks or a field or even take them swimming to let them run off energy so that you can enjoy your part of the trip.

Do make sure you have your cameras and phones charged and enough space to take zillion photos!



What are the best & worst parts of travelling with kids? Delia 3

The best part of travelling with kids is showing them the world and seeing it through there little eyes. The worst part is 

The worst part is making sure they are comfortable, and also keeping them busy, Feeding them, Making them sleep and make sure that they are happy while you are travelling.


Delia 4



How do you manage your kid’s food items while on vacation and did you happen to have any crazy food incidences?

On our first road trip with Jojo, I was still breastfeeding him but I did pump a little bit just so mommy could enjoy an adult beverage every now and again. we accidentally ended up leaving the pumped milk at the house we were staying at! I’m sure the house cleaners were a bit surprised!




Delia 5How do you share your experiences and be active on social media while on a vacation with kids? 

As a blogger on a vacation with kids, I still like to stay a little active on social media, so I set aside a certain time and it usually will be at night after my little is in bed. While on vacation sometimes nap time doesn’t happen or it happens while we are enjoying something. So Nighttime would be the only time. 





Any special camera equipment or tricks for a great family pic with kids?  Delia 6
I would tell you to get a DSLR, because a phone camera is not gonna be the same, and if you have a wild child like me, the phone camera is only going to capture blurs because he’s moving so fast! 




Delia 7Advice for first-time travellers with kids?  What’s your favourite kind of accommodation??
All I can say is don’t stress too much, kids seem to adjust, I was very nervous about driving 13 Hours,
with a baby and a dog. Honestly, it was a breeze. I would tell you we started our travel at bedtime. So he would sleep in the car. Which definitely made for a much easier road trip. We have only stayed at rental homes as they seem to be the best to me as they have everything, it is just like a home away from home 

I hope you have loved reading our first ever Travel interview.


SuperMOM MItali

Keep on Travelling!!!