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Meet SuperMOM Akanksha who believes in travelling with kids to places as close to nature as possible.

Presenting a wildlife special interview with our Dr Supermommy Akanksha who explains us how travelling with her family is the best feeling and also goes on to explain us the dos and donts of travelling with our little one. Read on and let’s start packing our bags mommies.
It was a rainy afternoon and the moment I decided to start this section I was only met with encouragement, help, and lots of love from the ‘SuperMOMS’ across the globe Thanks to each and everyone of you who have contributed and made this a huge success also not forgetting our SuperMOM Anisha who gets everything organized to make this Travel section a reality.
Akanksha with charming little one Rayaan
Akanksha with charming little one Rayaan
Hi Akanksha, please tell us something about yourself
My name is Akanksha & I am 31-year old mommy to my 3.5 years old little man Rayaan. I am a Dental surgeon by profession I am a working mother who tries to balance work and home every day. I do try my best to spend as much time with Rayaan as I can but still like every working mom i live in guilt of not spending enough as I should. For the same reason, we try and plan holidays or getaways quite often.
So what do Holidays mean to you?
Holidays not only help you spend time with your family but you also get to experience & know about different cultures around the globe.We do try and tell our kids about nature, animals, places, cultures and lot of other things through books but travelling helps them experience it all. They Love to practically experience what they already know or have read about.
Akanksha 1So where have you and your partner travelled with your bundle of joy?
I have travelled to Thailand, Dubai, Kenya and some cities in India. With Rayaan i have mostly travelled in India and Africa. He Loves being close to nature. He’s had the best time at the Beaches, National Parks &camping.
Akanksha 2You stay in Nairobi? That’s in Kenya right? 
Yes, we stay in Nairobi which falls in the beautiful country of Kenya and We are blessed to live close to beautiful nature and wildlife. I was really amazed when we spotted Giraffes and Zebras on a road trip in Kenya. We absolutely loved it when Rayaan got to experience this.
I feel Africa and to be specific Kenya has lots to offer for kids. From wildlife to camping trips to beautiful nature you enjoy it all here. I would suggest that if your kid is a nature and an animal lover then get him/her to Africa. It will be an experience of a lifetime for them.



Akanksha 3Since you have travelled so much can you please explain us some dos and Do’s and donts of travelling with kids…

▪️Always make sure to carry their toys, reading, colouring books  or whatever you think will keep them busy

▪️ Make sure they get sound sleep a day before travel so you don’t loose your sanity

▪️ Always keep your documents handy while traveling with toddlers so its easy for you to find them

▪️ Make sure to carry extra 2-3pair of clothes and something warm always

Akanksha 4▪️ Travel very light with kids specially when it comes to hand luggage.

▪️ Carry extra pair of t shirt or shirt for yourself too as its not just them who get dirty

▪️ Dress very comfortable mammas. If your are comfortable it will all be very easy

▪️ Always carry some snacks , their favorite ones so you don’t have to stop by and waste time when they are throwing a tantrum

▪️ Backpacks are most comfortable, you can easily carry your child along with them

▪️ Always carry 2-3 paper bags. You don’t know when you’ll need them

▪️ I don’t even need to mention how important hand sanitizer & wet wipes are.

▪️ Always carry important medication while travelling with kids, even if you think you might not need them.Akanksha 5

▪️ Milk is my toddler’s best friend and while travelling with him I make sure to carry a bottle of soy milk. Flavoured or not flavoured it doesn’t get spoiled easily and helps a lot when they are hungry or throwing a tantrum

▪️ Introduce them to your travel destination. Tell them about it, show them photos so they are well prepared and excited to travel





Akanksha 6Dont’s

▪️ DO NOT choose flights with long layovers, I made a major mistake when I travelled with R alone for the first time. We had a layover at Dubai for almost 5 hours. Wrong Wrong decision

▪️ Do Not let these munchkins jump around before you start your journey because as soon as you start they decide to sleep and that’s it. R slept as soon as boarding started and I remember how difficult it was for me to carry him along with my hand luggage

▪️ Do Not hesitate to ask for help while travelling. We are lucky enough to have lot of help at airports & railway stations

Akanksha 7


▪️ Do Not put your documents in the main handbag mums as you might find yourself in fix when on one side your toddler is throwing a tantrum and on the other, you need to find your documents & as we all know nothing can be found easily in a woman’s bag

▪️ Do Not leave packing for last minute. When travelling with kids we mums need to start packing&prepping few days before so we don’t miss on to anything.





Travelling with them can be made fun&easy if we keep in mind these little things.I feel we parents get more anxious but these little ones surely know how to adjust themselves. In fact, it’s important to make them experience everything from train travels to road trips to flight journeys. In my opinion, they become what we make them & if keep thinking about making them comfortable always they’ll miss on to a lot of wonderful experiences in life.

I hope you have loved reading our wildlife special Travel interview with our ever smiling mum Akanksha


SuperMOM MItali

Keep on Travelling!!!


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