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When we started asking people to submit their pet parent stories, a lot of people came forward but something in Rohit’s words stuck us. He always wrote with so much gumption and zeal that we decided to feature him as a pet parent! Read on to know more…

So #SuperPetParent tell us your story…how did you get your baby/babies?

From someone who was scared of dogs, I fell in love with them after I spent 3 days with my friend’s dog at her place during her marriage ceremony. At this instance, I decided to get one home and found my best friend on an adoption site.
He was only 28 days old and his mother was hospitalised as she had a broken spine due to an accident.

How were the initial days with the pet?

It was totally a life-changing experience. I Understood, how a new MOM struggles while taking care of her newborn whole night! But since then even today, whenever I see him. He is a bundle of Joy and Happiness.

How did you train your pet?

I was always confused on this as I was a 1st-time parent. But I think love changes everything,

“I think Dogs are naturally very disciplined unless you and your family are setting wrong examples. Your best friend is actually your own reflection.”

All you have to do is make them part of your family and yes talk to them. Yes!!! They understand!

When did you think was the bond between you and your pet formed?

It was right on the first day when I went to see him at fosters house. There were 3 pups and Charlie decided to come and greet me and we became friends.

(Rohit posts photos with his pet regularly on this Instagram Handle. You may follow it for regular and updated information about the both)

Did you take any help from Youtube or other social media to understand your pet?

Yes, I did and that didn’t really help me understand Charlie. I think, understanding your dog with some social media based information is like considering them as an object. Will you ever try to understand your human partner with the help of Social media? You might but it I think it won’t ever help! Same with Dogs, every dog has personality and it responds to your behaviour. Of course, there are some basic qualities similar in all dogs but you can’t understand them with the help of some words and videos.

What is your opinion on Breeding dogs for money…

Honestly, Now I think we should not even adopt pets. We are actually taking away their natural habitat and making adoption necessary. Don’t you think they have right to have their own home the way all animals should?

“Breeding is the worst thing ever! Who gives humans right to interfere with nature?”

As animal lovers, we should actually focus on giving them back their natural surroundings by reducing or eliminating waste material and by planting more and more trees.
We need to have cleaner cities & villages and let all animals including humans
live a better life in the real sense.

We, humans, are the smartest species on the planet and we are the only species who know the use of money as a commodity. Have you ever heard of any other species on this planet or even the universe for that matter giving supreme importance to money?

“We are the only species on the planet doing everything just for money including breeding poor animals and exploiting them. Really it is a shameful thing!”

Many people are scared of dogs..what do you think can we do to educate people about dogs and create many more pet parents.

Even, I was scared of dogs but overcame the fear myself. Homes are created by humans and we think they are the greatest inventions but at least animals deserve all rights to have freedom! I feel sad when I can’t really let Charlie run around with madness! He was not born to be caged in a human house! Do you remember how you felt when you ran into the wind as a kid without any reason? Why are we taking that freedom away from them? I think we should set examples of dog and human relationship for people to get inspired.

“We should also introduce dogs to kids in schools, parks etc…before the fear sets in.”

Who do you think is an ideal #PetParent and why?
I think, one never can be an ideal parent. You learn a new thing every day as a parent!

“Parenting is a process where we grow with each counting day. It can never be ideal.”

I hope you have enjoyed every bit of the article, as much as we have.

Keep on being a Pet Parent


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