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Meet the mom of 6 Kids – Jenny from New England


 Meet the mom of 6 Kids – Jenny from New England

When I stumbled upon Jenny’s video, I was laughing like crazy…I could not help thinking about how many times this mommy would have had to face this to make a video about it. Instantly, my hands started typing her name and you know what….she was pretty easy to find…a bunch of emails later we both decided to publish a text interview and here it is for you to read. We absolutely love you and

We absolutely love you and your blog and your style of writing…..Don’t ever stop blogging mommy!


Here comes the famous video!


1. So Jenny tells us something about yourself….

Well, for starters I’m the mom of 6 so I’m writing this with a kid climbing on my head and asking for water. I’m a perfectionist, I like to stay up late (much to my husband’s dismay), I’m probably the most frugal person you’ll ever meet, and I’m a Mormon.

I started blogging because every mom has a hilarious story to share about the ridiculous parts of parenting. We all have stories about drying a tiny pair of underwear under a hand-dryer in the restroom at the grocery store. Those are too good not to tell.

2. Your video about having 6 kids went viral…..what was your reaction to it? 

I knew beforehand that it was going to do well. Whenever I write an article about big families, especially about the comments the parents receive in public, it’s very popular. There are a lot of big family moms and dads out there, who all are made to feel that we’re the only ones, that we’re crazy, that we’re weird for having a lot of kids. We just want someone to understand that we actually like our big families and that we’re not doing some bizarre thing that’s different from “regular” parenting.

It was my first video and I loved making it, so there will definitely be more!


3. Tell us your daily routine with the kids? Their names…Their likes and dislikes

We have 3 girls and 3 boys. Right now they are 13, 11, 9, 5, 3, and 1. My husband Phillip and I always laugh because the oldest is a mini-him and the second is a mini-me. The other kids all got a mix of our personalities.

In the mornings I get the older ones up and off to school, and mornings are usually pretty laid-back with the little ones. Afternoons and evenings are nuts, I feel like I should put on a GoPro and sync the video to “Flight of the Bumblebee.” In a typical week right now we have art class, soccer practices, play practice, violin lessons, and church youth group activities.

That said, family time is still a top priority for us and I think we’re a very close family. We have great relationships with the kids and each of them is delightful in their own way. I think being part of such a family-centred faith is key for us. We would be nowhere near as successful as a family if it weren’t for the things we learn and the habits we cultivate in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


4. Are the kids homeschooled? If not…tell us something about the schooling system there. 

Nope. During their summer vacation from public school we do a pretend “trip around the world” learning about a different country every week, and I’m exhausted by the end (and that’s only 6 weeks long!) I could probably do a good job homeschooling through the elementary years, but after that the education they get in middle and high school is better than what I could give.

Their school days are about 6 hours long, plus the bus ride to and from school, and then they have homework and after-school activities, so we are very busy during the school year. But the education they get is really great, and I think it helps them to become well-rounded people. We don’t attend a religious school, so they are exposed to friends of all different faiths and I think their personal spiritual beliefs are deeper and richer because of it.

Other peoples’ big vacations to Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., and Niagara Falls are an afternoon’s drive for us. We feel lucky to live here, except when we get our mortgage bill because the cost of living is ridiculous and I hate spending money.

5.Tell us something about New England and the lifestyle there….

We live in New England, where strollers are “carriages” and purses are “pocketbooks.” When someone has an “old house” it means it was built in 1870 instead of 1970. The roads are narrow and the sidewalks nonexistent, and the schools are fantastic.

Unless you live here, you cannot believe the amount of conservation land there is, and everywhere is covered with trees so big and old and…… I’ve come to love hiking and camping.

6. So….how do you manage your day with the kids? Do you have any help? 

The closest family we have lived 1,500 miles away, so we don’t have much help.

I’m pretty organized. To get the day-to-day stuff done, we rely on lots of charts and routines so everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing without me following them around nagging them all the time. My kids also clean up after themselves and do chores around the house every day. My kindergartner packs her own school lunch, and after age 8 or so, you learn to do your own laundry.

My kids are hard workers by necessity, but I think it’s also really good to prepare them for life on their own. They won’t have to call home when they’re 19 to ask how to cook rice or unclog a toilet.

7. We love the style in which you write…..any tips for budding mommy bloggers? 

Just start! Get a blog and start writing. There are a billion mom bloggers out there but no one can say it quite the way you do. Your unique perspective will strike a chord with someone.  What I didn’t know before starting a blog is that there is so much blog-related work that goes on behind the scenes that has nothing to do with writing – and to be honest, I’m glad I didn’t know or I would never have started! There’s a huge learning curve but the great thing is that bloggers are the nicest people ever. Never hesitate to email another blogger with a question, even if you don’t know them.


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Keep on rocking mommies….

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