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Meet Jenn who loves cruises and travelling with her kids

Meet Jenn who loves cruises and travelling with her kids, a mommy from the USA who likes to keep her trips short and really well planned. Lets cruise away….
1. Tell us something about yourself, mommy….
Hi SuperMoms, My Name is Jenn. I was born and raised in Sunny South Florida and now raising my children in South Florida.
Our life here in the USA is really great and allows us to travel 
around the world with leisure and I am really grateful 
to God for the same.
2. How old are you? And your kid too! 
I will be 32 next month. My two daughters are 7 and 11. I had my first one really young when I was all about 21 and time has just flown. Am I really 32….cant believe it! But….30’s are the new 20’s. (Giggles)
3. Which countries and places have you travelled till now? Both with and without kids.
I have travelled to many places in Florida including Tampa, Orlando, 
Key West, Lakeland, St Augustine. We have also travelled to Mexico, 
Puerto Rico, Grand Turk, St Martin, St Thomas, New York, Boston 
and others in the US. Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand 
are on my radar next.
4. Tell us something about your trip with your kids? 
I love to Travel with my kids. I feel travel experiences are much more important than excessive toys or items. Travelling brings about a new side in everyone which I love to experience, my husband is relaxed and his mobile is switched off and the kids are off their devices and fully enjoying the nature as well. That makes us both(Me and my husband) Like a perfect family and that’s the special bond that I love. I also believe that humans are nomads and hence travelling runs in our blood.
5. When did you start travelling with kids? 
I have been travelling with my kids since they were small. Although now that they are older and out of strollers it is much easier to travel.
They can now experience the world and get so excited to learn or 
see a new thing which they have studied in school or known from before.
I love the innocence and the excitement in their eyes. 
6. Can you tell us 2 destinations that you would recommend other fellow mums to travel?
My favourite place so far has been Cozumel Mexico where we swam with dolphins, got a fish pedicure and even went in a real submarine in the ocean. My 2nd favourite place would be Boston, we actually went to the Children’s Hospital but also enjoyed some sightseeing.
7. How do you pack for the travel
I try to pack light but the kids like to help pick their own items so I have to kind of repack when they aren’t looking. I like to see all these youtube videos on packing the kids bags and getting ready for the travel…I am a kind of a geeky nerdy organized mom that way!
8. Dos and don’ts of travelling with kids?
Just have fun, go with the flow a
nd don't try to schedule, plan 
or stress too much. Though I plan
 everything, I don't stress 
when things don't go my way!
9. What are the best & worst parts of travelling with kids? 
Best Part is making memories with kids, the photos, the Instagram stories, the giggles, the new experiences, the food, the everything that comes with travel but……. the worst part would probably be cranky kid moments or everyone not agreeing.
10. How do you manage your kid’s food items while on vacation or any crazy for incidences?
I just go with the flow. My youngest is dairy free and limited sugar so I try my hardest to keep on track on vacation but reality is on track doesn’t always happen
I hope you found this interview interesting and cool and Jenns answers to be super cool and for all those of you who have never been on a cruise, I assure you that with a kid, it will be a lot of fun! Just try it.
Keep on Cruising
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