So Mommies……this blog is from a Mom based in Turkey who not only is a SuperMOM but a working Superduper mommy like me and juggles it all, She is a part of our SuperMOMS of the world initiative and we got chatting with her and spoke to her at length. Based on her interview i really feel the need to travel to Turkey and explore the world out there. Meet 1mommy1girl Seyma Miller. 


So Seyma tell us in detail about your blog and the concept behind the same? 

Actually I opened my blog when I was a student on college in 2009. Being blogger was not so popular and common those times. It was just a hobby for me. Then after a few years after I broke with my first love, I started to write more often, like diary, I wrote anything I felt to make myself feel comfortable. It was like therapy for me. Then time flew and years passed. I got married and had a baby. One day I remembered my blog by chance. It was last month. I entered it and read my old texts. By the way I already manage a page on instagram named “1mommy1girl” and suddenly decided to adapt my blog to this page. I changed the theme, background and name of my blog. This is how I created it.turkey-hot-air-ballooning-over-uchisar-village-cappadocia

Tell us something about your life as a Mommy in Turkey.

I am a working mom first of all. In my country parental leave is so short and I had to leave my kid when she was only 7 months old. My mom is taking care with her. I do not trust anyone else unfortunately. A babysitter is not for me. I work busy, I go home tired and have a little time to spend with her and my husband. Also int his short time I also need to do the homework and cook. Life as a mommy is funny but tiring.


How has your life changed after kids? 

Of course everything have changed. My routine life, my perspective to life and the most important thing is that how I feel to my mom. Now I understand what she meant for 30 years. Everything has gained their real meanings. I elected all unnecessery staff from my life. I believe in “less is more” I am good and completed with my family. When I was young being social and my friends were prior.


What do u miss about your life before having a kid? 

Going to cinema, for example. It is been a year since I did not see a film. And getting drunk. I am still breastfeeding and still have limits with food and drink. But my daughter really worths it.

Any mommy movies that you have seen recently? Bad Moms, Mothers day, The Room? 

I have not seen any films since birth.

How do u balance the blog and kids and working? 

I am too new to answer this. I follow social media and write on blog when I finish my duties at office. It is too hard doing these at home.

Tell us something about your life in Turkey?

Busy. Tired. But happy.

Special message to moms of 2015-16-and 17? 

We live in technological age. We need to balance the time we spend with our smart phones and our families. This looks simple but we sometimes really do not realise what we do most.

How has technology changed mommy hood? 

Both in good ways and in bad ways. Technology can help us sometimes, for example when your baby cries at midnight an you do not know what to do. You ask Google for any syrups or any methods to sleep or you see other moms’s comments on the situation you are in. This may help you sometimes. But if you do not use technology in balance you may save too much time especiallty on social media. Then the benefits turn into a reason for unhappy children. And I find it dangerous.

Any books that you have seen in recent times. 

I am reading “Kelebeğin Hayat Sırları” now. (The Life Secrets of Butterfly). And simultaneously I am looking at the book about baby sleeping tips.

Special message and anything that u wanna add on? 

Being a mom is great but please do not forget that you are a woman and above all you are human. Behave kind to yourself.

Any special message for the Instagram mommies? Any selfie tricks? 

I believe in being natural and sincere. No tricks and no filter please.


Hope you all enjoyed this read.

SuperMOM Mitali


Keep on Rocking.

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