From a Media Professional to a Professional Maiden

From a Media Professional to a Professional Maiden

From a Media Professional to a Professional Maiden

“I love every part of being a mother, don’t get me wrong but…I feel lonely, I feel cheated and I get the feeling that I am discounted on many occasions”

Maybe..because I don’t earn anymore…certainly not as much as I did before…..I don’t really know the real reason….and hence I decided to share this with you and I think many of you moms might agree as well.

I am Maya Savla and let me tell you my story… I was born in India and just when I was about 21,  I got an opportunity to join Dubai Radio…that too as an RJ and who in their sane mind would not take it? This I shifted with my bag and baggage to UAE and have been here ever since…Just after going to UAE, I met my husband and we fell madly in love…the job and the

“Perks of being in a foreign country and earning in AEDs allowed me to tour entire Europe and not on a budget and before we got married. “

The world was a fairytale and we broke the news to our families…These days the Indian families are not like the 90’s families shown in Bollywood movies so they agreed and hence we had a nice Tamilian Wedding in India…Husband is a Tamilian and I am a Marathi- Gujarati Mix. Life was still a fairytale.

“These days the Indian families are not like the 90’s families shown in Bollywood movies”


We both shifted back to UAE and continued to work after marriage….we now were staying in a studio apartment and it suddenly started feeling a bit small….now we decided to move into a new 1 BHK in a posh locality…why because we could afford and we only get one single life to enjoy right?

We did that and we were happy…Now my work started giving me lot of problems and thus I changed my job to a good job in a 5 member team with a Media Agency…Husband was still doing good and we were a happy couple. After a month of me joining the new firm….my husband got an offer too… job meant new perks and a higher designation and a fatter paycheque….so he joined there immediately.

“But……we instantly became pregnant (Without planning) and we were really over the moon. New job, great salary and a baby on the way….we really were a blessed couple. “

But things started to change on the work front when I broke the news to them…..suddenly I was not considered as cool and wasn’t included in conversations, smoke breaks were anyways off-limits and the invitation to daaru (Alcohol) parties wasn’t coming my way….still my husband and I were excited…Now my husband owing to his new job was busy, started travelling and coming home late.

“I was keeping myself busy with my pregnancy classes and Preggy friends and books and whatnot…I did miss him but played the card of an understanding wife.”

Suddenly one day…I went to the office and my boss broke the news that the company was downsizing and I was Fired!

“Was I fired because I was pregnant? I really don’t know!”

I took it as a nice maternity break and am enjoying time with my 8-month-old daughter and write for various parenting magazines across the globe. My satire gets me paid and loneliness acts as fodder but you know what……

I was a media professional and now I really feel like a professional maiden…


You know that!!!!

PS: Wrote this article while waiting for my husband at 12 am at night…still he does not understand that I feel lonely. He thinks I am enjoying my life.

Do you feel the same?


Keep on sharing


SuperMOM Maya

(Mitali made me write this) 


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