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Managing 2 kids and coping with them


It’s been 3 months (Long…not very long…?) since I gave birth to my second child and the roller coaster ride of managing two little ones has already begun. No matter how many books you read, I guess you can never exactly find the right way to balance it. I mean that whole transition from being a cool and happy mom who was sporting her baby bump along with her 4-year-old daughter to an edgy mother of two…yes, I am nervous!

It's not always about the perfect picture but about the emotion conveyed through them.Being a mom.of 2 leaves almost no time for me to click photos that have me in them…😢 For all those who miss me…I shall be back soon… Now that we are almost towards the end of the breastfeeding week. I would like to thank all the moms who participated in it and announce that we shall be not just writing about this but also striving towards making feeding rooms available for moms at various locations a true reality. Now when I was in this cafe in Mumbai…I had to rush and feed my baby in the car…Thankfully my husband has a great and comfortable car that we can use for breastfeeding. @ashvinignaik @foreverjugni @neethapanicker @motherbabyandnature @lata.kodwani Thanks a lot guys for all your support. #breastfeedingproblems #breastfeeding #breastfedbaby #breastfedbaby #breastfeedingweek #Breastfeedingweek2018 #breastfeedinginpublic #breastfeedinginstyle #worldbreastfeedingweek2018 #worldbreastfeedingweek #feedingrooms #needforfeedingrooms #indianmother #mumbaimoms #mommyblogger

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So you want to know what’s the biggest change that has happened ever since I gave birth to my second one? My nap timings don’t match either of my two girls!

So, when you have just one child, you know their nap times, or you have those stolen moments when the kid heads to her grandma’s place or to school or play when you can just lie down and shut your eyes for a bit. Now if my older one still naps, the younger one is awake. Man! How does one synchronize that? But it has a different level of excitement. Like, it’s not that I didn’t expect these changes…the day I conceived with my second one; I already knew that it is never going to be the same again. So all the mommies who are going through the same dilemma that I have, just take a deep breath and trust me, this too shall pass.

There are few things which I have been doing which sort of ensured that this doesn’t come like some disaster on me. Thanks to my mum who also helped me with some tips to face this with ease:

Prepare your firstborn:

While you will surely inform your firstborn that they will soon be becoming an elder brother or sister, but little do they know that it means his well-deserved attention will soon be shared by someone else. They need to get a taste of what’s going to come. Making the kids read about these things or watch videos about how to take care of an infant does help their thoughts mature.


In fact, make them a part of your decisions for the second one…like deciding their name, etc.

Don’t be judgemental:

It’s normal for the older kids to feel a bit neglected after the arrival of the second child…even if they are not! Remember, they are still learning to share. Allow them to express their discomfort, don’t judge their feelings. Put yourselves in their shoes, the only time you feel better when you are frustrated is when you vent it out. It’s exactly the same with them. If they are allowed to express their happiness, then why not unloving feelings?

Make them independent:

If you still bathe your older one or dress them up, look into their homework, not that you should stop but maybe it’s time you start monitoring these things more than doing it. Trust me, after your delivery, you are not going to get time for any of these things. Teach your elder one to take care of themselves, dress up themselves and finish their homework on time. It boosts their self-esteem and also they get a sense of responsibility.

Take turns:

Now, this is a mutual agreement between you and your husband. Make sure you both take turns to spend time with both the children so that neither of them feels neglected. So when hubby arrives, he spends time with Rani while I get back to spending time with my older one. When I have to get back to Rani, hubby is back to Renee. Even if it means swapping every 15 minutes, it’s okay. Make sure, those 15 minutes are completely focused.

Take care of yourself

Now, this is not just for the mother, this is for the fathers too. You both spend sleepless nights, get back to work in the morning…it’s really tiring. While taking care of your kids, don’t forget yourself. For the kids to be healthy mentally and physically, you need to be equally healthy. Remember, everything starts with you.

I wonder how it’s going to be when the little one starts crawling or walking, but I have faith that life is going to be simpler thanks to my older one. Just go easy on yourself. Don’t push too hard to make things fair, trust me it won’t be. Go with the flow, enjoy every moment.

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