Tall Tales for your Little Ones
Tall Tales for your Little Ones

Do you know how amazing it is to create fantasies for your little one? The way he looks at you when you describe your encounter with a fire-breathing dragon or the time you came face-to-face with a ferocious dinosaur? Imagine her awed about that wonderful trip to the zoo with talking animals or the magical fairy who fulfils all her wishes?

Storytelling with children isn’t just about fantasy, but it’s an essential way to bond with your offspring while nurturing their urge to create and imagine possibilities.









Reading Tall Tales for your Little OnesIt develops, in their little minds, the tenacious capacity to look for hope in bleak situations of practical daily existence from a very tender age.They can safely let go and be free, a harsh reality even in children’s lives.













Reading Tall Tales for your Little OnesChildren are no longer allowed to feel magic in the little things that make their day-to-day life wonderful and filled with hope and joy. Like us, their own lives are filled with mundane routines, restrictions, orders and a constriction of movement. In their tall tales, they can be anything and anyone they want to be.









Reading Tall Tales for your Little OnesThey can have really long hands or legs, be made of rubber or chocolate and eat all the ice-cream that they want and even pet a lion. It fills their little hearts with a joy for the goodness of life.










Reading Tall Tales for your Little Ones

What can be better than to participate with your child in this endeavour? Simply a half hour before bed-time will do. Lie on the bed next to your little one. Use your hands, legs and your voice animatedly. Mimic and mime, thrill their minds! Ask them a thousand questions and ask them to add their ideas, no matter how absurd they may be. Children need to feel that they will not be judged by their parents for their creative ideas. Watch your little story-teller bloom with each session.










Reading Tall Tales for your Little Ones

A wonderful side-effect of this time together is the subconscious effort that a child’s mind will make when she is asleep. The story that she has created remain fresh in her mind even she wakes up fresh the next day feeling more creatively fulfilled than before. This is also a splendid way to build linguistic skills. Consistently make up a story in the language that you want your child to learn, for example, a story in English. The words that you use and the manner of your usage will run through his little active mind while he sleeps at night and his ability to grasp the language will improve dramatically each day! Try it to believe it.

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