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Maharashtrian Traditional Jewellery – 6 Tips to Keep Them Shining Forever


Jewellery has a special significance in the Maharashtrian culture. It is because different pieces of Maharashtrian traditional jewellery are attached to beliefs acquired during the reigns of Marathi heroes.

Marathi women still love to wear these jewellery pieces at any traditional or social function. So do they love to preserve them as a symbol of rich Marathi culture! However, preserving doesn’t only mean keeping them wrapped and locked but also means caring for them while they are in use.

So, take these tips so that you can preserve your Maharashtrian traditional jewellery forever, and pass it on to generations that come.

Tips for maintaining traditional Marathi jewellery:

Clean them regularly

The best way to maintain a diamond, silver, gold or pearl jewellery is to follow a proper cleaning routine. It especially applies to traditional Marathi jewellery pieces that women wear daily.

A simple buffing and wiping can clean them off any dirt or dust that might accumulate on them after the day’s work.

Avoid contact with any chemicals

Chemicals harm jewellery pieces more than anything. The worst part is that they are available in things of daily use. Like a shampoo, dishwashing soap or chlorinated swimming pool water.

Precious Maharashtrian traditional jewellery like nath, kada or Kolhapuri Saaj is prone to damage because they are frequently exposed to chemicals. They may lose sheen altogether and get discoloured. So, try and keep them away from any chemical exposure.

Lukewarm water to retain the glow

Use of lukewarm water is the easiest way to keep Marathi jewellery made of gold shining. All you need to do is leave them in a bowl of lukewarm water for 2 to 3 minutes.

Remove and dry it completely so that no moisture remains. It will keep the jewellery pieces grime-free.

Follow proper storage

Properly storing your Maharashtrian traditional jewellery like tanmani, putli haar or vaaki will make sure they don’t chip away, tarnish or get any knot.

These jewellery pieces have a delicate design and may bend or break easily if not stored properly. So, keep them in separately in spacious boxes. Better yet, put them in zipper bags so that no moisture enters.

Keep intricate ornaments for special occasions

Intricate Marathi ornaments are breakable due to their finely crafted designs. Necklaces like Kolhapuri saaj have a thin string of gold delicately woven around them. Also, other jewellery pieces with delicate strings are prone to breakage with frequent use.

Hence, to keep them safe, you can reduce their use and wear only on special occasions. This way, they will last for a long time, and if accompanied with proper storage, they can also be used by generations to come.

Remove them when carrying out rough work

Wearing valuable Marathi jewellery pieces during rough work like gardening or cleaning can bring scratches on them. Such damages can permanently downgrade the jewellery’s look. So, when carrying out such works, it’s better to remove them and keep aside.

These little efforts will keep your traditional Marathi jewellery safe for long. Make sure you follow them so that the ornaments look new and shining forever.