Pampering a baby never sees an end for a mommy.

No doubt it’s eternally satisfying to see your kid giggle!

Cuddling with your bundle of joy can never find an alternative!

So on and so forth, a mommy experiences this all way through since she first holds her child to her bosom.

Well, the tender bond between a mother and her child cannot be argued against at any point. However, while she has been pampering her baby, some for a few months and some for years, she also needs to pamper herself.

This time, it’s you we are talking about!

So, get set to coddle yourself and indulge in some oh-so-pretty makeup to both looks and feel good. We have brought to you the trendiest of 2019 makeups that you can spoil yourself with this season!

Here they are.

  1. Rainbow eye shadow has never been so trendy

Yes you mamas, add a dash of colours with the rainbow eye shadow which is much in vogue in 2019. As the spring blossoms in different hues, so should you shimmer in various colours with impactful eye makeup.

Rest your everyday palettes and have some fun with a light dusting of rainbow shades.

  1. Time to experiment with bold eyeliners

Well, well! We are not taking away the pitch-black eyeliners you have found your comfort in. But, mommy-hood needs some celebration, isn’t it?

What better way to celebrate it than trying eyeliners in bold colours? From fuchsia to retro blue and lively violet, you can add a pop of colour to your eyelids in 2019.

  1. Makeup with a touch of gloss

We know putting on matte makeup is a safe option as it blends in well with any style you carry.

But, why think of settling down or blending in when you can shimmer, shine and stand out with glossy makeup?

All you need to do here is to choose the right glistening shades for your outfit. They are easily wearable and no more a mess to carry.

And, we bet your kid will love this refreshing new look of yours too! Try it to know yourself.

  1. Give a try to monochrome makeup

Themes in makeup have never been as hot an option as in 2019. Now, when it comes to trying monochrome, it takes ‘classic’ to a whole new level of appeal.

All you have to do is stick to a maximum of two shades for putting on all makeup essentials.

  1. The pretty-pink mode for summer

Talk about an ‘it-hue’ for the season, and pink comes to mind. From ramp walks to fashion shows and celebrity appearances, pink was never as much in-fashion as in 2019.

Adding in some facts – mommies today are already trying them on and glowing. So, why not you?


Keep on looking good!


SuperMOM Mitali