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Let’s meet Ankita- A Pet Cat Parent


Can only dogs be pets? Can Cats be pets as well? You know when I was a kid, I had a Cat as a pet, she used to knock on my door sharp at 10 am and we used to give her food, she played with me a little and then leave for the day. Hah…I love cats as well, In fact, when Renny was a kid, she dragged in two kittens and they were with us for a good 3-4 months before they ran away. So let’s hear it from a Cat Parent this time, as to how raising cats is different and challenging.

So #SuperPetParent tell us your story…how did you get your baby/babies? 

A cat lady to the core, I’ve always fed the cats in my building and I know and have names for most of them. One day when my husband left for work, he told me about a new cat in the building that he was being attacked by the other cats (because cats hate each other) and he’d been hiding in the watchmen’s cabin for two days. I went downstairs to check on him, it was nothing serious, so I fed him and pet him for a bit but clearly, he wanted more because he followed me home and he’s been with us for 3 years now.

How were the initial days with the pet? 

Since he was in the building, he was a complete fleabag and he made us quite itchy as well. It took about a month of bathing him once a week with Himalaya’s Erina shampoo to get rid of the fleas. Then the shots, deworming and neutering. All of this was obviously more unpleasant for him than it was for us but it needs to be done.

How did you train your pet? 

Cats are quite stubborn but they can be trained, or so I’ve heard. Let me know how when you figure this out. It does help that he’s super scared of my husband and stops doing whatever he’s doing when he is told a firm ‘NO’. With most animals though, it’s always best to set boundaries in the beginning because they like to test the limits of what is acceptable to you initially as well. They’re all quite smart like that.

When did you think was the bond between you and your pet formed? 

Instantly! Love at first sight! I love listening to jazz, he loves sleeping to jazz, this is, I believe, the definition of serendipity.

Did you take any help from Youtube or other social media to understand your pet? 

Yes, Youtube and lots of blogs. It’s great that there’s so much information you can get so easily on the internet but there is a lot of misinformation out there as well. Also, no two animals, whether a dog, cat, bunny, iguana, whoever you chose to parent, are alike, so it’s always best to consult a vet as well. Organizations like World For All also conduct seminars on animal behaviour which are very helpful and they post a lot of educational information of their social media pages as well.

What is your opinion on Breeding cats for money…

Animal breeding is terrible but breeders will breed so long as there’s a market. Cats are bred for money as well but the issue is more so much worse with dogs. The problem is that people are willing to spend over a lakh on a husky puppy that will most likely have a lot of health concerns because the weather is extremely unsuitable for them. It’s important people understand that pets are not an accessory and the love they give you is the same no matter the breed.

Many people are scared of cats or pets in general..what do you think can we do to educate people about cats and create many more pet parents. 

Cats and dogs have very sharp teeth and are quite strong, so it’s completely understandable that people are afraid of them. As a rescuer, I’ve been bitten and scratched a few times as well. It’s important to remember that most strays get treated very badly by people on a daily basis so they have to defensive, it’s how they survive. I’d suggest that if you like animals but are afraid of them, take a friend along who is used to interacting with strays to help you get acquainted since they will be good at reading the animal. If that’s not a possibility then some cat food or dog food always helps.

Who do you think is an ideal #PetParent (a celebrity) and why? 

 It’s wonderful that a lot of celebrities support animal welfare; just look at the World For All annual calendar and everyone from Jon Abraham to Kalki Koechlin pose for it. I really appreciate what Alia Bhatt is doing with her page Co-Exist on Facebook. Not only is she a great pet parent to a gorgeous cat, she’s also using her fame as a platform to educate people about animal welfare and the environment. 

I hope all you cat people have loved reading this article and are gaining a lot of information from our pet parents section. If you are a pet parent and wish to get your story featured, give us a shout out on our social media or drop a line in our comments section below. We shall get back to you.

Keep on Meowing,


SuperMOM Mitali