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Learn How You Can Help Your Kids Counter Bully Behaviour


Learn How You Can Help Your Kids Counter Bully Behaviour


The present-day scenario related to adult bullying in schools has brought to focus a neglected aspect, until now. The behavioural issue has trickled down to the youngest lot in India too with kids becoming mean.

The conduct is emerging as a severe issue for others who become the victims. Many times, it leads to them closing up, feeling victimized; and instead of coming out, covering up for the bullies. It, in turn, affects their psychology.

For instance, say Ira is a student of 2nd standard who suddenly started avoiding the last hours of her school. She would give all the reasons that would keep her away from the class. On enquiring, Ira would stand firmly for the reasons she gave. Also, she turned quieter than usual.

On looking deeper, new facts came to light. A group of kids would stand by the corridor she returned on; hurling abuses on her every day.

Teaching your kids to not settle for abuses

Situations like the above may seem usual for grownups, but they imprint a predisposition on kids’ minds, leaving them emotionally impaired. Here, you need to take tough calls and prepare your kids to protect them from both emotional and physical vulnerabilities. They also need to be empowered to deal with unwarranted treatments on their own.

Let’s check out how you can help your kids counter the bullies!

Believe your kids

Often, parents ignore stories children share, granting it as their imagination. It leads to them settling with their parents’ disbelief. Hence, they do not share something as serious as bullying too.

It all starts here! You need to make your kids believe that they can confide in you no matter what the situation. Trust them and hear out when they have a story.

Clear out the behavioural difference

Many times, kids accept tormentors because they don’t know the difference between abuse and unintentional rudeness. So, before you enrol them to a school, you need to make them understand when rude behaviour becomes an abuse.

Teach them to accept conflict, but not bullying

Conflict may have your kids’ friends standing against them, and they need to understand that it is okay. However, when a conflict takes an ugly turn, it turns into bullying breaching their healthy boundaries. Your kids should know that being at the receiving end of cruelty is not okay, and they need to do something about it.

However, you also need to make them understand the harmful effects of taking up the same behaviour they received.

Disagreeing through ignorance

Help them counter and disagree with bullying and abusing through ignorance. Doing so will not feed the satisfaction a bully is looking for, thus, demotivating them to continue their actions. With this conduct, your kids can solve the issue at their level.

For anything severe than this, ask them to report it to their school authority and you. Talking it out will bring to light the abuses before it’s too late.

Bullying leaves children sad, depressed, scared, hurt and lonely. Empower them to be emotionally balanced so that they develop a sense of discernment between right and wrong behaviour. Stay open to discussions, and they will confide in you.


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