Home Lifestyle Launching a Youtube Channel in India……..A task????

Launching a Youtube Channel in India……..A task????


Launching something new in India is a very tough thing, be it a product, a service, a store or something like my Youtube channel. People here in India have an array of reactions to offer.

First is negation…No No No This won’t work!

Second is Awareness….Is that so? But we still prefer the old one.

Third is Acceptance with Negation….. Ya we know about it but we still use the old one.

Fourth is Excitement….Yaaaaaaaaaa, I know!!!! I am gonna join it soon!

Fifth is spreading it like a Wildfire…….Wooohoooo seee, share, share with friends, relatives and acquaintances.

I just pray and hope, that the Fifth one happens soon with my Youtube Channel.

So my “Youtube Channel?????” video showcases various types of Mommy Characters and their reactions to my Youtube Channel.  Though this is a parody, some of this is based on a True story!!!

Launching a Youtube Channel
Launching a Youtube Channel

Launching a Youtube Channel 1

Launching a Youtube Channel 2 Launching a Youtube Channel 3 Launching a Youtube Channel 4

Are you any of the above mommies? Please do let me know in the comments section below.

Now let me tell you something about Youtube, Youtube is basically a video sharing platform and in US unlike India, there are an array of Youtube channels, even in the Mommy genre. (I know i have mentioned them a lot of time but they rock) So these mommies here have created a niche for themselves by launching these channels and they present you variety of info in a subtle yet entertaining manner. I have learnt a lot from these Video Blogs like..i bought a toothbrush for Renny after seeing one of the videos, Started making her wear diapers at night before sleeping. Not made a fuss about her eating habits. So i hope all you mommies also do the same and become a Youtube Mommy soon!