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Koffee Conversations with Mommies- Ep 1- Skin

Koffe Conversation with Mommies - Ep1-Skin
Koffe Conversation with Mommies – Ep1-Skin

“The secret to my glowing skin is CTO” Avni shouted at the Office Party

Sunita, Anagha and Priya all looked at each other in disbelief who thought that Avni had perhaps gone under the knife for getting a glowing skin.

“Avni…….we didn’t think that you would be interested in all those procedures,” Said Sunita

“What procedures? Ohh yes CTO is a procedure but it takes 2 minutes of your time in a day! Now….cant you do this much for your skin?” Said Avni with a high head.

Avni a mom of 2, who had recently shifted from’ to ‘O’ was finding excellent results on her skin. Her fine lines had slowly reduced, wrinkle formation had disappeared, her skin was glowing and plus she didn’t need the continuous application of ‘M’ on her face 4-5 times in a day.

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“Wow this is really great but what is CTO & CTM ????” Asked Priya!

“Come on guys…… CTM means Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing and when I have replaced the M with the O it means I have discovered a new way of moisturizing with OIL” Exclaimed Avni.

But Anagha said in an exasperated tone…….”Oil and for your skin?? Won’t it cause Pimples???”

Avni replied happily with a gleaming smile on her face…..… “I would say that our understanding of how oily skin works is a little skewed due to which we believe in this myth. The way oily skin works is basically your skin’s meter of recognizing there is enough oil on the face is broken hence it overproduces to compensate, thinking that the skin is dry.

By using products which are supposed to remove excess oil or ‘mattify’ your face you are in fact encouraging the problem. Also most importantly the essential oils Veda Earth uses are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial hence taking care of pimples.”

But what is this magical product Avni? Asked Sunita in disbelief.

At this moment Avni looked at all her friends and removed a cute looking blue bottle from her purse.

VedaEarth Anti-Ageing Oil……this is what I was talking to you about! Said Avni

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……… shouted Sunita, Anagha and Priya and laughed.
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This situation played out at a get together I attended and I thought…..hey let’s try out this oil. I have been using this oil ever since and the results are marvellous. SuperMOM Mitali who is really a proud user of the VedaEarth Anti Ageing Oil.

 VedaEarth products are physically available in Bangalore at Kiosks in Mantri Mall & Orion Mall, Health and Glow Stores, Dabur NewU stores, Ayur Centrals. They are also available online pan-India through the website www.vedaearth.com Flipkart, Amazon & Fabbag.

Usage: The Facial oils and under eye oil are the simplest to use: Just take a few drops massage it well into your face and neck / roll the under eye oil and massage gently and most of it will get absorbed naturally. If you feel there is excess you can just dab away with a tissue. The essential oils would have already gotten into your skin.


As always keep on rocking mommies!


SuperMOM Mitali