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Interview with OneFitMomma



It gives me great pleasure while talking to any supermom in the world and as I started diving in the world of Instagram, I found these pool of mommies who were waiting to share their knowledge with me. While some of them had already received a star status some others were still walking on their journey towards stardom while facing many challenges and yet enjoying what they do their best. This is the story behind, SuperMOMs of the world and this is the way this thought was born.


So featuring my 1st SuperMOM of the world who shares her last name with my favourite legendary urban fantasy character Harry Potter…introducing the ‘Fitness Wizard’ Denise Potter.

So Denise tell us more about yourself and onefitmomma.com

Yeah….So I was blessed with a beautiful little girl, Madison, in July 2009. Unfortunately, { or fortunately, depending on how you look at it}, things with her father did not work out. I found myself a struggling single mom shortly after Madison’s birth.  This went on for 3 years before I started to date my current boyfriend, Jorge.

Jorge & I met at work in 2009 and became pretty good friends. Time went on, and then one day in 2012, we looked at each other and thought .. hey, why not try this dating thing? We have been happily together ever since.

Onefitmomma was born when I decided to go the healthy route and opted for Beachbody workouts. Their results are clearly visible here

Onefitmomma 1


Home workouts are still at a nascent stage in India, what do you recommend the Indian moms to do?

I think home workouts are just a mental block that all the people not only moms over the globe have to overcome. We think that a fancy gym and equipment form our mental frame to exercise more but it is the other way round. Time taken to get ready and drive to the gym can be just enough for anyone to finish a home workout anywhere. I only do 20-25 min workouts that Beachbody recommends and have lost tons of weight.

What is a Beachbody workout?

Beachbody is not just a workout but a way of living. Beachbody taught me how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

They have MRPs that is a meal replacement shake, you take it in the morning and then just follow the diet and exercise that they recommend. I am also a Beach ambassador where I hold programs and stuff to keep a group going. These are a few examples.

 Can we follow Beachbody workouts in India?

Yes…you can! Here are the links. 



 How can one become a Beachbody trainer?

You can become a Beachbody coach by signing up, having the drive to help others, and the desire to constantly improve yourself. Here is my daily routine: 

 Onefitmomma 2

How do you manage everything? Being a mom, a working one and diet plus exercise! Sounds like a lot. Ohh yaa and managing a blog too.

I organize my weekends and weekdays. Weekends are usually for planning the weekday’s foodstuff. I get the veggies and arrange them into boxes so that we do not end up turning to junk food after we cook ourselves we generally don’t. Also arranging the fruits into packets for the week helps.


What is your Daily Routine like?

I wake up around 5:30 am – take my dog for a walk while I listen to my current personal development book on Audible app 6 am – 7 am I send out message invites, check in with my challengers & downline coaches. I then go to work from 7:30am-5pm. I have been working out during my lunch break every day since my workouts are only 30 minutes tops. 

 How can one maintain or stay on track during one’s diet?

Cooking, exercising a seeing the results on your body. When we carry a lot of foodstuff in our bag we are less likely to go in a buy that burger or the junk. Also, the cravings go down.

 Any special message for the Supermom Community?

Oh, I can’t remember if I said this, but my ultimate goal as a coach is to help others achieve their own health and fitness goals. This is why I try to fill my head with positivity first thing in the morning.

 Any special breakfast recipe for Indian moms on the go?

Boiled Eggs, Toast and Mustard you know what to do!

 Indianizing the recipe-Boiled eggs, Pudina chutney, Tomato, onion and cucumber on a toasted bread. Full till lunch!


Hope you like the feature!

Till then keep on rocking SuperMOMMIES!!!!