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Internship for Supermoms- An Internshala initiative


Internship for Moms??? What????? Who would want to hire moms as interns???? Laughed all the people in my office when they first saw the post shared on my Facebook timeline. Many even came to me and asked if I would like to intern? What???? I thought….These kids!!!! They will only realise after becoming a working mom!

Then I thought…..because I had taken the liberty of calling myself a supermom way before the world did, are people making fun of me???? Haaah! But why only me? Any lady in today’s world is a REALLY Supermom and yes it does sound a bit feminist, but it is the truth. All the mommies are truly nothing less than a cape bearing, flying, krypton allergic and world-saving superhuman.

Internship for Moms
Internship for Moms


 Internship for Moms 1

Shadab Alam 

I chatted with Mr Shadab Alam, who was more than helpful to talk to us over a phonecall and share the story behind the whole initiative of hiring Supermoms as interns.

(Don’t worry, I am still the chai wala, intern, peon and the boss at Supermom!)

 Mitali- So Shadab tell us something about Internshala first.

Internship for Moms 2Sarvesh Agrawal

Shadab- Yes…Internshala was started by Mr Sarvesh approximately 4.5 years back as a humble attempt to solve the employability problem of India, as our education system has huge gaps between the reel and the real world, people are often misguided as to what should be a proper step towards the right career and this is when Internshala steps in by providing the youth of India an internship which can guide them towards their professional journey and eventual success.


Mitali- Coming straight to the point, how did you think about the Internship for moms initiative?

Shadab- Yes…we were all racking our brains for the 10th May Mothers Day idea and all we wanted to do was to crack an idea for a facebook post but one thing led to another and we thought of this great idea.

 Mitali- Yes, the idea is really great but what was the purpose behind the same?

Shadab- Yes, this was done because of an insight that 70% of moms fail to report back to work after having a baby and thus this was a humble attempt on our part to provide an opportunity to all the fellow moms to transition back into the professional world.

 Mitali- The money seems really low. Right?

Shadab -(Laughs) Yeah! But this is not the chance to earn loads of cash or be a millionaire this is a chance for all the moms to roll up their sleeves before taking a full professional plunge of working 10 hours per day after leaving the kid back at home. This is just like a breather job as many moms do have 10-15 years of work experience and being an intern would just be fun.

 (Mitali thinks- This is just like the movie The Intern. Not seen it mommies???? Check out the trailer! Ok…so it’s a movie about a old retired guy joining a Koovs type of a place run by a confused mommy with a house husband.)

 Mitali- Wow, so can we meet some moms who took the intern plunge?

Shadab- Sure, we have received over 300 applications from moms and will be screening them in the given time. We can surely meet some Mumbai based moms in the given time.

 Mitali- Why is this just a teaser idea and not the movie? I mean why is this a limited time offer?

Shadab- Hmmm…..Because Internshala reached out to as many as 300 companies with this great initiative and only a handful of them gave a thumbs up. (This is really a sad statistic) Thus we are testing out this idea for the first time and will be back with this soon.

 Mitali- Last but not the least, what can moms do who happen to just see this post but have crossed the deadline of applying before 18th May?

Internship for Moms 3

Shadab- Wooaah! They can surely write in to us at Nimisha@internshala.com BTW she is an integral part of the Supermom internship idea!

 (Mitali thanks Shadab on sharing some key pointers behind this beautiful initiative and tells her story of a mommy entrepreneur and hopes that she can cover a great story of a Supermom Intern.)


Till then its all good in the mommy world.

Keep on rocking mommies!