Have you heard of kids jumping with excitement at the thought of food? This easy and simple recipe will so just that… and yes…it need not be ordered only in a restaurant…It can be made at home…


Rice Flour

Refined Wheat Flour

Semolina or Rawa

Green Chilly (As per your kids spice meter)

1 Onion

Ginger/Adrak (Very less)

Coriander Leaves




Mix all the ingredients together and let them rest for 20-30 minutes. You can even add butter milk or curd in the same to make it tasty and a bit tangy.

Heat the pan and add Ghee or Oil and spread the batter to make dosas.

Tips for Kids: You can decide to add food coloring to make these look exciting or even a little bit of beetroot will make the dosas pink in color…