Check out these moms who look flawless even when they are pregnant. Now that I am shopping for some pregnancy clothes here in India, the name of maternity clothes get me directed to the undergarments section! (What?????)  and me and my friends who are in the maternity fashion sector have a hearty laugh about it.

But when I have a look at these moms sporting their baby bump in the most fashionable manner, my heart cringes and I get myself out of those loose Pyjamas and go on a hunt to look ultra fabulous. I love the way they have sported each and every garment. Check it out and spread the maternity love for all the pregnant moms out there!

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Ready to see you outside my body now bubs let's goooooo 👶🏽

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With two weeks to go, I am D.O.N.E!

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🌙🌿Can't wait to see you…#lovegrows#babyboy#tribe

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The most amaze baby shower for sweetest most beautiful Mumma 🍃🍂👶🏻

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Keep on looking glamorous

Even while Pregnant!


SuperMOM Mitali


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