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In conversation with the founder of Babygogo- Siddhartha Ahluwalia

Siddhartha Ahluwalia
Siddhartha Ahluwalia

Supermom Mitali got in touch with the super cool team behind the supercool app Babygogo and got talking with the ever-charming Siddhartha Ahluwalia and his reasons for kickstarting an app for Mommies. Read along to know more and have loads of fun! 

Q. What made you launch this app for mommies? Who came up with the idea?

It’s very difficult to think that a small team of 15 people, all single launch an app for mommies. I and my co-founders, Satyadeep and Sowrabh have been passionate about solving problems in healthcare.

Our first startup AddoDoc (an app for Peniatricians) helped paediatrician share Electronic Health Data with Parents. We used to sit in clinics and train assistants and parents how to use the app. While interacting with thousands of mothers we found the most frequent problem which new mothers face are the questions regarding baby health, baby care and nutrition. They struggle with them daily trying to find answers on google or posting on random groups on Whatsapp and Facebook. It struck to us that we could help via the skills we had as good engineers.

Q. Why a parenting app?

Solving problems which you feel deeply passionate about is the key to build good products which add value to people’s lives. We had one to one interaction with over 5,000 mothers during our previous startup. All of them resonated with us for the the need to have a community to discuss their day to day concerns, so building  an app that solves these problems sounded like the next logical step.

Q. Why the name Babygogo?

Sowrabh NRS, co-founder and Chief Product Officer named the product Babygogo. He wanted to find a name which is easy to spell both by mothers as well as babies. The name is actually a baby trying to speak his/her first words….. “gaga” “gugu” “gogo”. So picking up some words which may seem fun to pronounce by the baby and easy to remember by the adults was a combination which resulted in the product being named as Babygogo.

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 1

Q. How is the team structured at Babygogo?

We are a 15 member team. We are proud to say that we have one of the best engineering teams. This means that our servers will always be up and moms will always have a flawless experience of the app. We have a very capable team of doctors who make sure that all content that is published in the app is medically correct apart from the doctors we also have the most committed, passionate and dedicated team on a run to bring value to parenting in India.

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 2

Q. Are you looking for recruiting moms in Babygogo?

Yes, we are looking forward to recruiting moms in Babygogo. Moms who use Babygogo have been an inspiration to us and we chat daily with super moms of Babygogo to know their feedback about the app.

Q. What do you think is the future of these parenting apps?

We don’t see ourselves as an app but as the most engaged community of mothers. We launched oweb-basedsed product www.babygogo.in where moms can find all thousands of questions related to child healthcare asked by moms on Babygogo app and their answers.

Siddhartha Ahluwalia 3Q. Do you think indian mommies are ready for this shift from traditional media solutions to an app?

Indian mommies are the most innovative mommies in the world and we are striving hard to build new features for them in the app which can also be useful to moms globally.

Q. What is the most amazing feedback that you have received from moms?

One of the moms in her feedback had said “With Babygogo moms can reduce their visits to doctors. Asking my query on Babygogo is the first thing I do when my child is unwell.”

Q. What is the future of the app that you envision?

Babygogo will be a moms ‘Go To’ platform for all her baby needs related to baby health, products and services

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Q. What do you think about your competitors?

Our competitors are doing good work. I thank them for the good features they develop on their platforms, help us to push ourselves and build better.

Q. Last but not the least any message for our fellow moms?

You are Awesome. Moms passion is the most exciting thing, be it towards her house, her children or her work is source of inspiration for us.

We look upto moms as to how they manage multiple roles in their lives perfectly at the same time. For those moms who haven’t downloaded Babygogo app they can click on the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.addodoc.care&hl=en

Or you can visit us on babygogo.in

We really had loads of fun talking to Siddhartha Ahluwalia from the Babygogo team and learning about his perspective about us mommies, i absolutely loved interacting with the entire team at Babygogo, i hope you enjoyed reading it as well.
Thanks a lot mommies!
Keep on rocking.
Supermom Mitali