I was always enamored by music and music creators, how would anyone compose a tune? I always wondered…
When I was young…I thought of becoming a Pianist myself but that dream was short lived and hence I am in awe of musicians and when I came across this Piano school run by Shivani Patel….I thought I must interview her so that all you moms could read, learn and allow yourself to cherish this young music teacher…
How did you get into music? 
My brother and I have been playing the piano and learning since the ages of 6 and 7 respectively.

We moved to Mumbai six years ago and found that there was a dearth of good music teachers and resources in the city, and through a string of events, we founded 88 – The Piano Academy, a school of learning for piano playing and performance.

What inspired you to move into a new city and form a Piano school? 
My mum has been our driving force and enrolled us in formal lessons at a really young age. She also taught us some basics and supported us throughout as she has a musical background too! She is a trained singer and plays piano as well.
How did you know that you are inclined towards music? 

If you enjoy listening to music and songs, it is an ideal situation to introduce more formal music education. Most children and toddlers love listening to and singing and tapping along with music!

For us, it was a no-brainer- we enjoyed it too much!
How can parents decide if their child is musically inclined at such a young age? 
Most children enjoy music and listening to music in general. If your child’s eyes light up when they listen to their favorite songs or they can identify a song by listening to the opening bars, they are musically inclined to sure!

Fostering an interest in an instrument at an early age can encourage them to develop a great skill set they can use for life!

How can they choose a musical instrument? 
An instrument like the piano can be started much earlier in comparison to other instruments, especially string instruments. At 88- The Piano Academy we have a program for 3 and 4-year-olds that gently introduces them to piano playing and techniques. Other instruments become easier to learn post a couple of years of piano lessons.
Tell us some techniques that you use to teach kids so that they start liking music…

Most of our learning is fun based as we want each child/student to develop a keen love for the instrument. We encourage singing along, incorporating finger exercises, scales, pop quizzes and much more as part of our curriculum.

Tell us something about the upcoming music concerts by kids…
Our concert series Joie De Vivre 2018, will see over 130 of our students showcase their talent on stage on a Steinway concert grand piano as well as many more students in the audience.
Last but not least …what are the benefits of learning music and what does the future hold for music and musicians? 

Learning any kind of music especially an instrument has a huge variety of benefits! Cognitive skill is a part of it but the bigger advantage is having access to a skill set and developing a talent for life! Children and adults who learn and play an instrument are more focused and can deal with stress effectively.