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In Conversation with: Namrata Tanna – Cooked by Moms


In conversation with a lady who started her career as a Journalist and then moved on to the social sector and now to an initiative which is as beautiful as it sounds. Yes…Cooked by Moms gives you a chance to try some delicious homemade food, which is prepared and served with love by the women from an NGO and we are totally loving the concept. Read on to know how the brains and the beauty of the concept got it all going and this mothers day lets celebrate it with some mommy power!


Tell us something about yourself, Childhood, Family and are you a Mumbaikar?

I am a Mumbai girl, born and brought up in the city and have lived most of my life here, apart from the years I studied abroad for my undergrad (US) and graduate (UK) programs.

“Growing up, I did my schooling at Bombay International School – a small school started by parents disenchanted with the schooling systems in the country – that till today has parents volunteering to cook healthy, fresh, homecooked lunches for their kids every day. This tradition has continued for over 50 years and is something that is very close to my heart and has in a small way inspired the idea for Cooked by Moms.”

You were a journalist, how did the social sector entice you?

As a journalist, you often meet people who do really inspiring work and get to tell their story to the world. For me, whenever I interviewed such people or organizations, I felt I wanted to do more, and go beyond just telling their stories. I wanted to add more value and use my skills (however limited) to help them do more good. This was the driving thought that made me move to the social sector.


Posted by Cooked by Moms on Tuesday, May 8, 2018



Tell us something about Cooked by Moms and the concept behind the same?

Cooked by Moms is a social enterprise that brings healthy, home-cooked food to workplaces while skilling and empowering women.

“Cooked by Moms champions mommy empowerment, creating employment opportunities, financial empowerment as well as a sense of dignity for moms whose love, care and intangible contributions most often go unnoticed and unrewarded.”

Through our unique pop-up events, we celebrate and promote hearty, wholesome home-cooking and healthy eating in the workplace, we power the mommy economy by creating careers for homemakers that celebrate mom’s cooking and we bring mommy love and care to work, boosting productivity and happiness in the workplace!

As a brand, we believe in ‘holistic goodness’ – whether it is our wholesome, healthy and delicious meals, our carefully curated Mommy Cooked products, the mindful and eco-friendly products we use, our zero wastage policy, or the love and care with which we serve each of our guests and make them feel special.

As a social enterprise, at least 80% of Cooked by Moms’ mom army consists of women from underprivileged backgrounds, so as to empower them economically and socially.

At Cooked by Moms our goal is to make the world a better place – one mommy at a time!

Can you give us some details about the ‘Mothers Day’ event?

Our launch event for Cooked by Moms is a Mother’s Day Lunch, to celebrate #MaaKaKhaana. This May 11th, from 12noon – 2.30pm at Ministry of New in Fort, the women of NGO Seva Sadan will treat you to a scrumptious Parsi meal, served with the love and care you would receive at home.

At the event, you can also treat yourself to in a range of specially curated Mommy Cooked products, with healthy and yummy goodies from brands like Dulce di Mirchi, Sequel, Goris Goodies and Slurrp Farm, which will be available all day from 11 am- 7 pm.

What are the future events or future plans for Cooked By Moms?

In the months to come, we plan to take Cooked by Moms to corporate India, by doing our pop up lunches at workplaces across Mumbai and then other cities.

We will build our mom army, with the goal of power the mommy economy by creating more opportunity and financial empowerment for the women involved. We will build a wide-reaching community of partner brands that champions the principals of holistic goodness.

How can more moms get associate with you? Let us know the details.

If you love to cook and feed people, if you are looking at getting back into the workplace with flexible work options, if you want to be a part of a unique community of foodies and women who champion each other, and if you want to earn karma points by being a part of our women’s empowerment movement, Cooked by Moms is looking for you.

Drop us a line at info@cookedbymoms.com with your name and contact details to be a part of our #MommyMovement.

Other ways in which you can be a part of Cooked by Moms!

Host a Cooked by Moms pop up: Bring in our mommy army to cook a delicious meal at your workplace.

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