I am hardly any kind of an artist, colors and canvas does not speak to me and painting my face is the only painting that comes close to any kind of art and hence I am always in awe of artists. Krupa Shah is one such artist and a mother who is a true creator and I am in awe of her and her work. Krupa essays many roles in her life and she fulfills them dutifully.  She has been an active member of FICCI, All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum and has also headed important panels.

With abstract paintings, Krupa portrays her feelings to her audience and lets them interpret them in the way they feel.


Mitali: Krupa, Can you give us a background about yourself? Krupa says…”I am a virtuoso Indian contemporary artist born and brought up in Mumbai, I was always artistically inclined since I was a girl. I was inclined towards canvas and discovering my own individual style as a teenager. My ideas translated into paintings instantly. It was then that I discovered my inborn passion for Art.” 

Krupa maintains that from a devoted mother to a dedicated artist this is how she feels….

“The Art is different to every eye. Abstract Art 
is a form to go deep into your 
imaginations and find the true meaning of life” 

Mitali: How did you find the artist in you? Each experience is different…person to person and if you want to become something in life, life will gently guide you but it is upon you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Where you stand and where you go has and will always depend on you. How I discovered that path is that…I am a good meditator and this is something that I developed by myself and I love to chant. Meditation has helped me a lot and we stay in a busy world so we don’t realize it but stress is affecting us all and some of us get motivated by it in a positive way and some of us get affected by it. So, I have learned to take it in a positive way.

For women, it’s a completely different shift as we are born in our parent’s house and then we have to leave it and then move to a completely different house post marriage and we get stressed with the mannerisms and gestures of a new house. We don’t realize it but that is putting a lot of pressure on us. Meditation is helping me in becoming a good artist, I didn’t know if I am going to become a good one.

I started drawing and I got married, I had a baby and hence I wasn’t taking it up full time but I slowly started getting attracted to colors and canvas and Shankh and those types of creations. I slowly realized that is my final calling. Colors also affect our mood you know.

I have 3 kids and while I was expecting my 2nd one, I was on bed rest. I was frustrated but instead of being sad and everything I put it up for good use. This is when I discovered the abstract artist in me. I read a lot and googled and researched it on Youtube and found it…The life I believe is a learning process and this became my passion.

Mitali: Are your Kids into Abstract Art? People say when you are pregnant whatever you do…the kid will get into it. When I was pregnant with my first one I was studying Psychology and Maths so my kid has got it my second and third babies are into art because that is what I did during my pregnancies then…Because I was stressed I turned to art. Though all my girls are old now, they understand the importance of art and what they have as a skill. My elder one is 16, the second one is  11 and the third one is 9


Mitali: How did you make the Blind kids take up abstract art? Coming across blind kids, I always found that they are completely dependent on others and this is something I never liked and something in me wanted to change this. When it came to art, Blind kids were averse to it as it constantly required them to be assisted by someone. Teaching them…they would be rigid. So I played with them and thought of teaching them art they are 6 to 14 years old so I told them…Let’s play colors and fragrance. So once they became thorough with colors and recognizing them via their varied fragrances they were happy. Once that was done they got to play and spoil the place as well with colors and playing with them.  Now the question arose that… they create art but they can’t see.

What I feel is that their subconscious 
mind can always see and hence I always 
tell their parents there is an artist in them, 
somehow their parents understood and the 
kids started feeling good about themselves 
and hence they slowly started becoming independent. 

Mitali: So what is curing the depression in the blind kids? And are they really depressed? Blind kids are sad but not depressed and their sadness stems from a feeling that they are lower than their peers or friends or mostly siblings now that they are expressing themselves with art the technique is curing depression…Also….all blind are not poor…hence they have access to technology but sadly none is honed for their use.

Mitali: Oh yes…What is your take on Technology?

I really think its a double edged sword and normal kids have too much dependence on technology and schools are also adopting technology so we really can’t deprive them of any gadgets. Also, the thing is that kids are getting influenced by their peers. Its a monkey see monkey do attitude and that is why…when parents say no…thet you have to be modern, I mean to say NO in a modern way like with girls you can relate everything to beauty and say if you do this you might not look so nice and hence they will understand and with boys you have to make everything a game

and who scores the most points wins. I Tell my kids…Let’s paint and then I will tell which colors you have used and what does that mean? Your kids can express his/her feelings on the canvas and this is what will help me identify the psychology. With art and paints, Kids will get answers to their confused mind. And learn how do you balance their mind and emotions?

Mitali: How do you spend time with your kids. Art plays an important role in our life and all my 3 daughters sit together and paint….Elder one is into a varied form of collage and taht has been her style ever since. 

Mitali: How can we as parents inculcate the habit of art…

Always have Colors, Paint and canvas papers 
at home and don't worry about the house getting 
messed up. My younger daughter had drawn so much o
n the wall that she had in fact spoilt it but 
I didn't object. 
Once she grew up she realized it herself. 

Mitali:  What are some of the other interests that you have developed over the years? Dancing, meditation, yoga, Also…I love documenting my color journeys.

Last but not least…How do you balance it all? Women have to keep themselves Organised, focus on what they want…balance, focus on health, diet, and keep exercise in a place. They are sorted.

You can also reach and appreciate Krupa’s amazing work here…



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