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In conversation with Divya Nichani- A True SuperWOMAN!


Seldom do you come across someone who makes you feel good about yourself, it’s very rare that you feel positive after talking to someone just over the phone, it’s really hard to imagine in today’s world that someones good wishes really radiate and get transferred to you. If you think this is all just a tall tale that I am making up, you are in for a surprise. All this really happened to me while I spoke to Divya Nichani.

In conversation with Divya Nichani

SuperMOM: Hey Divya, We have heard so much about you, Can you tell us what you think would be apt for our fellow mommies to know?

Divya: It feels so great to talk to you Supermom, I am Divya Nichani and I am a mommy, vegan, yoga practitioner, I meditate and I am a pastry chef but with a difference, I only make Vegan cakes and other delicacies. So I am trying to be a superwoman by juggling everything together.

SuperMOM: Ohh yes then you are definitely a SuperMOM Divya. (Laughs)

Divya: Ohh yes if you say so! (Laughs)

SuperMOM: So can you tell us something about your routine Divya? How do you manage to do so much?

Divya: Yes, definitely…we always think…is it possible for a person to do so much? But we seldom forget that“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” (Napoleon Hill) So yes, I get up early in the morning around, 4 am and meditate because this is the best time for anyone to connect with their soul and then quickly finish my kitchen duties and spend time with family before they leave for the day. Then I finish any kind of work that involves me to sit on my laptop, post lunch I am all geared up for making my vegan snacks and finish the orders than its time for my Puraw Vida and dinner and an early bedtime routine.

SuperMOM: What is Puraw Vida? Some special yoga?

Divya: It’s a funny story as to how this name was actually coined. When I went to California to study in one of the world’s premier raw culinary school, Living Light, the people there knew that I practised Yoga also they knew my name was Divya but as they could not pronounce my name properly they coined a new one for me and that was Puraw Vida. Pura Vida is actually a Spanish world which means Pure Life and that is how my quest for my brand began. It’s actually a branch of Yoga following the Iyengar yoga tradition from the Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Institute Pune.

SuperMOM: Wow that is really an exciting story but, tell me something about you being a Vegan and our preggy mommies would like to know if they can practice being a vegan while they are pregnant.

Divya: Ohhhh yeah to tell you something, I was a non-vegetarian, to begin with but then somehow I lost my appetite for non-veg and I had an inclination towards vegetarian food and somewhere before I was expecting my son I decided to become a vegan, lot of people advised me to have milk and its products but somehow I never felt like having them. I would not advise doing any such thing to our fellow preggy mommies without proper guidance but this was my story and now even my son is a vegan, at least 80% I can say.

SuperMOM: Any special message that you can give to our moms, both pregnant and expecting.

Divya: Hey Moms, I just urge you all to follow your heart and I believe that nothing can stop any of us to develop what we are meant to do and always believe that we are our kid’s role models before anyone so think, believe and whatever you want will be yours.

Wanna know more about Divya?

Divya Nichani is the Founder of Puraw Vida. Puraw Vida is living a simple, peaceful, uncluttered life with a deep appreciation and gratification for nature.

Divya is also a yoga teacher and has been following the Iyengar yoga tradition from the Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Institute Pune. She is also a Raw Vegan Associate Chef from the world’s premier Raw  Culinary School: Living Light, in California and dons the hat of a pastry chef, associate chef and instructor and is also a certified in the science of raw food nutrition. A mother of an 8-year-old Divya wears many hats. She runs Bangalore’s first vegan catering initiative. Divya regularly collaborates with India’s leading hotels and food brands to bring gourmet vegan food to patrons. She is a columnist on health and nutrition with ‘Our Bangalore’.

SuperMOM Says: It was really great chatting with Divya and I have to say she is a great person and has some highly contagious energy and positivity, I am also proud to say that Divya is one of the persons I will never forget chatting with. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours and keep on rocking mommies!



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