I have always believed that learning should be fun. Education should be aimed at learning and understanding rather than by hearting it and topping the exams like some sort of a rat race. Hence online learning is something I am always excited about and when great companies like Eduauraa enter this space they are definitely here to make learning exciting, fun, and interesting.

Importance of high-quality education for your child 

Let’s imagine a class where kids are made to sit but they are not interested in the subject or even understanding what they are learning, what good does it do? I think it’s a waste of time and energy and nothing good comes out of it. Eduauraa was created out of this need. Eduauraa was created with a vision to democratize education by using the best technology, making premier quality education to reach every corner of India at an affordable price. Eduauraa wants to be a transformer in the Indian education landscape.

What is Eduauraa? (Video)

What does it offer?

  • Personalized e-Learning: When it comes to online learning, it all depends on the educator who is conducting the classes and his/her way of teaching, and what Eduauraa offers is a chance to learn from legends of the industry who are passionate about teaching.
  • Advantages of E-learning: At Eduauraa Chapter-wise Test papers, practice tests, and quizzes assist the learner to evaluate and to learn quickly and assess their own learning graph.
  • The Power of Educators: Team of teachers from India’s top schools are the ones who do the quality-check of the content created thus making learning fun and interesting.
  • Benefits of online education: I think this year 2020 has taught us that learning can be convenient, it can be flexible and happen at your own time, and can also be lighter on the pocket.

Why Eduauraa is the best way to learn from home this Pandemic…

Referring to the current scenario of COVID-19, no one would have foreseen that online learning could play an important role in imparting knowledge digitally to the school students when it’s uncertain regarding schools to reopen. While online learning has come to rescue students in completing their syllabus irrespective of the nationwide lockdown owing to the pandemic. Further, the school-from-home concept has also enabled parents in having a close watch of the interpersonal and communication skills, their wards are being taught while counting the benefits of online learning. Parents have also enthused e-learning resources while enabling their children with such a technologically advanced concept, parents have changed their point of view and are now open to online learning.

As we know Eduauraa is best experienced with desktop and laptop, this is where Eduauraa comes into the picture because it offers this education at an amazing price point of INR 999 per year! ZEE5 and Eduauraa is an amazing offering for kids as well as parents.

Education now with ZEE5 Premium is offering kids a safe environment and a limited time offer up till 31st Oct. Basically with the Annual ZEE5 subscription you can avail of entertainment and education at the same price. 



Eduauraa Makes learning fun and interactive

While we all consume videos in all its forms, why should it not be used to make learning more fun? Eduauraa uses the key benefits of video-based learning education and e-books. Eduauraa also uses mind maps for a variety of subjects, making learning an opportunity to enrich the minds rather than the brain. Eduauraa also specializes in the use of Motion graphics to help students understand concepts more easily. This helps students learn faster as learning is fun and interactive.

Theme-based learning is gaining popularity

A theme-based curriculum means that each skill area of the curriculum is connected to a topic which we refer to as a theme. This could be a week-long theme, a month-long theme, etc… Sometimes themes are very specific like Transportation or Global Warming. Now what happens is all of the classroom activities would be tied into the theme during the unit. Sometimes themes are longer and more general like World War 1 and 2 or pandemics during the 1800s and early 1900s.

Through having a theme it is possible to establish a framework with goals that specify what pupils are expected to learn as the result of the experiences and lessons which are part of their theme.

Having an interesting subject it has been proven that establishing a purposeful and appropriate learning environment can significantly affect the quality of learning that takes place showing that if the children are happy in their environment they are more likely to benefit.

All these themes are addressed by Eduauraa in a very interactive manner and also involve video-based learning.

Get your children ready for the board exams – Class 10 & Class 12

Now it’s an important goal of every parent that they get their kids ready for the important exams.  What Eduauraa offers are a few of the below-mentioned points…

  • Helps students refer to the past 10 years board-wise solved questions papers to enhance learning further.
  • Helps create a Positive Impact of Mentorship While Learning from Eduauraa who has a team of best teachers in India. 
  • Eduauraa also offers mock tests which can help your child score much better in their exams
  • Eduauraa is the best platform for e-learning because It has the curriculum of 9 Boards i.e. ICSE, CBSE, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, and Tamil Nadu to suit your child’s needs. 
  • Eduauraa offers a learning experience tailored to your child’s schedule (Online study material accessible as per convenience

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